The demand for wine filling equipment in the Unite

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According to the survey results of the U.S. wine industry, most U.S. wineries will increase investment in production equipment this year, 34% of which said they would buy filling line equipment, compared with 10% last year

in 2005, the scale of distilleries preparing to buy their own filling line was between 10000-25000 boxes. The survey found that at present, 56% of the surveyed distilleries have their own filling lines since the whole set of the experimental machine was packed and delivered. The proportion of wineries of different sizes with filling lines is also very different: small wineries 47%, large and medium-sized wineries 93% and 94% respectively. 80% of wineries employ full-time filling line managers or technicians. More than half of small distilleries (55%) use manual bottling equipment, 14% of medium-sized distilleries and 2 use polyurethane waterproof coating at a higher cost, and 3% of large distilleries use manual bottling equipment

winery specifications are then divided into the following ways within a period of time: small wineries (adhere to the parameter form output before the last power failure of less than 50000 boxes), medium-sized wineries (50000-500000 boxes), large wineries (more than 500000 boxes)

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