The demand for UHD TV panels in 2016 will increase

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The demand for UHD TV panels in 2016 will increase by 67% over this year

according to the market research company IHS, the demand for UHD TV panels in 2016 will reach 67 million, an increase of 67% over this year. In addition, according to SNE, a market research company, Korean display manufacturers shipped more than 11million LCD panels for UHD TVs in the third quarter, while the leading quarter shipped only 5.7 million

According to SNE, Samsung and LG have adopted different technologies for the UHD TV market in 2016. Samsung mainly promotes "quantum dot" technology, and LG mainly promotes "m+" technology. Samsung Electronics plans to realize the premium strategy by increasing the proportion of UHD TVs, so as to promote the rapid development of China's industry and high profit margin, and continue to operate in a differentiated market. Samsung suhd TV is characterized by its higher color expressiveness, which is achieved by applying quantum dot films in LCD panels

while LG display company will greatly increase the proportion of m+ technology in 2016, which is to add white (W) pixels to RGBW based UHD panel technology. Although m+ panels accounted for only about 16% of the total sales of UHD panels in the leading quarter, they quickly exceeded 60% in the fourth quarter, breaking industry barriers and departmental divisions. The advantage of m+ is that its power consumption has decreased by 35%. LG display announced that it had overcome the screen darkness caused by the increase of W, and now its TV has higher display quality. Although m+ technology has been applied in most medium and low-cost TVs, the company's goal is to continue to develop relevant technologies and apply them to major models

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