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On the second day of the first month, Yuchai shares vowed to start beating drums and rush for output

Yuchai shares vowed to start beating drums and rush for output on the second day of the first month

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Golden roosters crowed and blew horns, and the Iron Army raised flags and rushed for output. On the afternoon of January 29 (the second day of the first month), the gongs and drums, firecrackers and lion dances in Yuchai power source square are inspiring. Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a mass production pledge meeting here. From today on, more than 4000 Yuchai builders of the production system will be put into the production rush trip, vowing to spare no effort to rush for output, guarantee orders, and achieve a good start in engine production

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a mass production oath meeting

with the pace of 2017, Yuchai engine sales orders poured in, and Yuchai Co., Ltd. entered mass production. It is understood that Yuchai has received about 70000 engine production orders, and will reach 240000 in the first half of the year. In the face of such a good production and marketing situation, Yuchai shares has launched a large-scale production battle of "full linkage for output"

the oath meeting read out the "letter of condolences to the employees of the production system" by Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd. Yan Ping extended spring festival greetings to all Yuchai builders who continue to provide customers with perfect pre-sales and after-sales services through their own and authorized channels. At the same time, he encouraged all Yuchai builders to "roll up their sleeves and work hard", start full-scale production, live up to the trust of customers, do not lose every order, create more high-quality engines, and make more contributions to Yuchai and the society

the letter of condolence is not only affectionate and warm, but also reduces the labor intensity as much as possible according to the actual situation of use, like the sound of a horn, encouraging people to forge ahead. The oath of the front-line party members' representatives, technicians' representatives and staff representatives is full of confidence and strength. They are determined to improve the space for the development of the extruder industry with high morale and extraordinary Yi. They are willing to devote themselves to their posts and go all out to rush for production

the team flag is in hand, and the military orders are like mountains. The mass production commandos took over the flag awarded by the leaders and led their respective armies to the production line valiantly

the production line has turned

in the heavy machine assembly workshop of the manufacturing division, the production line has already turned, and the employees who did not attend the swearing in meeting have been assembling the engine against time. In the crankshaft assembly process, the operator hoists the crankshaft to the semi-automatic assembly line, and the manipulator starts automatic assembly. After a while, the crankshaft of an engine is installed. The operator said happily, "although this Spring Festival holiday is very short, it has also been a happy year. Facing the current production momentum of the company, overtime is willing and happy!"

the Party committee and trade union of Yuchai Co., Ltd. sent condolences

on the second day of the first day of the month, the Party committee and trade union of Yuchai Co., Ltd., as the rear area of logistics support, established a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism with production at the same time, sent milk and other nutrients and Spring Festival blessings to employees returning to work, and encouraged employees to concentrate and strive for output. (this article is from Yuchai)

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