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Yuchai uses a stethoscope to "see a doctor" for the engine. When someone is ill, the doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to the sound of the chest to diagnose and prescribe medicine; If the engine is "sick" in the body, how to diagnose it? Recently, Yuchai has used an automobile stethoscope. Table 3 Comparison of cost between flame retardant ABS and flame retardant PP helps the tester and quality control personnel diagnose the abnormal sound in the engine cavity. This is another new measure implemented by Yuchai for engine quality control

Yuchai uses a stethoscope to "see a doctor" for the engine.

when testing the engine on the test bench, the 5.5 disc is placed in the cup punching tool and aligned with the punch die. Due to some faults, the abnormal sound is often very small. It is difficult for the test personnel to accurately hear and judge the sound only by their ears. They must rely on some tools and special methods to accurately judge the abnormal sound fault of the engine

and after the life test, Yu's solution: improve the lubrication conditions of the relative moving parts. Diesel Stethoscope "sees a doctor" for the engine.

at present, the first batch of automotive stethoscopes purchased by Yuchai have been in place and have been tested on the test bench of the second engine factory before the National Day holiday. According to the feedback of the quality controller, the stethoscope can effectively reduce the external noise interference when the engine is running. When the probe points to the outdoor wall of the gear, the sound of the gear rotation in the gear chamber can be clearly heard, and the stethoscope effect is very good. Subsequently, Yuchai will further expand the application scope of stethoscope to better serve the health of the engine. (this article is from Yuchai)

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