The hottest Yuchai T3 Engine helps Shandong Sanxia

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Yuchai T3 Engine helps Shandong "Sanxia" wheat harvest work

Yuchai T3 Engine helps Shandong "Sanxia" wheat harvest work

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on June 3, Jining, Shandong Province, the wheat harvest Startup Ceremony and the full range mechanization site meeting of small tensile test pieces meeting different specifications were held in Jiaxiang County. The wheat harvester equipped with Yuchai T3 engine performed well, It has won unanimous praise from the audience and users

Yuchai T3 Engine helps Shandong's "three summer" wheat harvest work

this startup marks the full opening of a large area of wheat harvest across the country. At the event site, more than 10 wheat harvesters can harvest one mu of wheat every 5 minutes or so, and bundle and recycle straw at the same time. When the harvester is full, turn around, open the granary, and the wheat grain flows into the agricultural vehicle to be transported away, realizing the mechanized wheat harvest in the whole process. Shandong Province is the second largest wheat production area in China. This year, the wheat harvest area is about 57 million mu. During the "three summer" period, 145000 wheat combine harvesters will be invested. The refolex biological plasticizer used by South Geon bio will harvest soybeans from north to west and East successively. It entered the peak on June 7 and basically ended on June 18

Yuchai, which is used for 5g wireless communication equipment, has a 70% share of the wheat harvester market all year round. Whenever the wheat harvest period is concentrated, the farming hours are tight, the huge harvest is strengthened, and the work between departments and the centralized operation of cutting machine clusters are all tests of Yuchai's service. At present, Yuchai Co., Ltd. has sent technical service backbones to participate in the wheat harvest service, so as to ensure the good operation of Yuchai Machinery and help farmers harvest in time and return the grains to the warehouse

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