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Yuchai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangcha group

Yuchai signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangcha group

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on July 4, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Yuchai and Hangcha group was held at the headquarters of Hangcha group. According to the agreement, both parties will make use of their respective advantages to carry out strong alliances in product research and development, supporting facilities and market promotion. Wu Qiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., and Zhao Limin, chairman of Hangcha group, signed cooperation agreements on behalf of the enterprise

Yuchai shares signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangcha group

as a large forklift R & D and manufacturing enterprise, Hangcha group is in a leading position in the forklift industry, and takes becoming the world's strongest forklift enterprise as the target to test the tensile strength of the sample. As a development, production and service enterprise of medium and high-end internal combustion engines, Yuchai has formed a golden industrial chain of "parts, complete machines and terminals". Both sides agreed that as the two leading enterprises in the forklift industry and the internal combustion engine industry, both have a complete manufacturing industry chain and customer groups, and have a good foundation for cooperation. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will enable the two sides to establish a closer strategic partnership in long-term stable cooperation, complementary advantages, resource sharing and other aspects, which is of far-reaching significance to the long-term development and mutual benefit of both sides in the industrial vehicle market

during the talks, Zhao Limin pointed to the product development, technology and market of Hangcha group, and the indication error caused by it was negative; It is characterized by a detailed introduction to the reduction of the relative error of the dial at all levels with the increase of load, such as promotion, intelligent production, quality, service, logistics, cost, the 13th five year plan, and the implementation of the development mode of "strengthening both ends and refining the middle". He said that the strategic cooperation with Yuchai shares is of great significance. Yuchai shares is about the product quality of Hangcha. Sandvik Group: a fellow traveler on the road to improve the quality of products. Yuchai engine has a good reputation and public praise in the industry, and the strong combination of the two sides is bound to achieve win-win results

wuqiwei congratulated Hangcha group on its excellent achievements. He said that Yuchai is ahead in the field of engine research and development, and has implemented lean management and intelligent manufacturing in production. As long as both sides can achieve mutual benefit and win-win results through resource integration, it will certainly lead the new trend of the whole industry

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