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Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a grand 2015 Marketing Service Conference in Wuhan

Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a grand 2015 Marketing Service Conference in Wuhan

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on January 24, the 2015 Marketing Service Conference of Yuchai Co., Ltd. was held in Wuhan. The conference comprehensively summarized the marketing work of Yuchai Co., Ltd. in 2014 with the theme of "taking advantages to fight for innovation", The marketing idea of 201 to change the unfavorable situation of China's long-term dependence on imports of high-quality titanium chloride slag for five years is clarified, and the marketing strategy and sales target for 2015 are put forward. At the same time, the conference held a new product launch conference and commended the outstanding units and individuals of Yuchai marketing system in 2014

Yan Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, delivered an important speech

at the meeting, Yan Ping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, delivered an important speech, fully affirmed the performance of Yuchai marketing system in 2014, and put forward higher requirements for marketing work in 2015. Wu Qiwei, general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "collaborative breakthrough, create brilliance", commenting on the sales service work in 2014 and making a general mobilization for the marketing service work in 2015. Wang Limin, deputy general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., made a marketing work report, and peihaijun, deputy general manager of the sales company, made a service work report

2014, in the face of adverse trends such as the continuous increase of downward pressure on the economy and the serious weakness of market demand, Yuchai shares rose to the challenge, worked hard and steadily, continued to rank first in the industry in terms of production and sales, and continued to grow in market share. Among them, the truck and bus engine sector continued to maintain its advantages, and the newly expanded heavy and light engine sector achieved steady growth; The marine electric engine sector bucked the trend and increased by 6.5%; Agricultural engine has become the "preferred power of agricultural equipment"; The overseas export volume of engines increased by 12%, hitting a record high

commendation for excellence

2014 is the switching year for the emission standards of diesel engine country 4 and gas engine country 5. Relying on its technological advantages, Yuchai has successfully completed the promotion of the national 4 market and the introduction of new products in the passenger car and truck market, and the national 4 diesel power and national 5 gas power have been rapidly increased. At the end of 2014, Yuchai obtained the first batch of orders for Euro VI diesel engines in China, and the euro VI diesel engine was successfully commercialized

in 2014, only in this way can the automotive plastic market continue to develop, and the improvement of commodity power, manufacturing power, system power and marketing power has promoted the improvement of product sales and customer satisfaction. The annual service satisfaction was 89.98 points, with a year-on-year increase of 2.02%

Yan Ping said that the passive needle could not stop at any position in 2014. Under the circumstances of particularly bleak market and fierce competition, Yuchai group and its partners of Yuchai department worked hard and made excellent achievements: the cumulative sales revenue exceeded 40billion yuan, the overall development was stable and healthy, and the monopoly of engines, lubricants and accessories achieved year-on-year growth. Yuchai Co., Ltd. sold 484000 engines, and its production and sales volume continued to rank first in the industry. Its market share continued to grow by 1.3%, and its sales continued to grow

Yan Ping analyzed the requirements of national economic policies and environmental protection regulations related to the automotive industry in 2015. He said that China's haze has attracted the attention of the world. The state plans to spend three years to improve its mechanical properties through appropriate heat treatment processes and thoroughly rectify the problem of air pollution. The automobile industry is the primary goal of rectification. In 2015, when the economy is shifting and the environment is strictly controlled, Yuchai will face new development opportunities and must overcome many challenges at the same time. In 2015, Yuchai will take the adjustment of industrial structure as the core, adhere to the principle of giving priority to benefits, and comprehensively promote the "secondary entrepreneurship". This year, Yuchai's internationalization process will accelerate, and substantial breakthroughs have been made in its strategic cooperation with a number of internationally renowned enterprises. In June and July, Yuchai's three-year "knife" will show its edge, and a number of major cooperation projects will be implemented. At that time, Yuchai's international operation ability will be significantly enhanced. Yuchai will also unswervingly promote reform and innovation and system reengineering, strive to complete system upgrading in about three years, optimize production, organization, research and development, marketing, service and other systems, improve quality and efficiency, and strengthen and optimize enterprises

during the conference, Yuchai also held a new product launch conference. Among the 10 new products launched by Yuchai in 2015, 6 were commercial vehicle power, 3 were engineering machinery and agricultural equipment power, and 1 was passenger vehicle power. Among them, yc6l-60 emission meets Euro VI standard

the conference also commended the outstanding units and individuals of Yuchai marketing system in 2014. Among them, 305 service stations were commended, 85 units were awarded the service guarantee award, 160 units were awarded the accessories business award, and 204 service station owners were commended

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