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Fortune recorded Apple's 2014: a year of ups and downs

Fortune magazine published an analysis article on the online edition, saying that at the beginning of 2014, Apple's share price fell sharply after the release of the mixed first quarter financial report. 3. The paper is composed of title, author and work unit, 500 Chinese (English) abstracts, keywords, text and references. The previous book "Wall Street" criticized apple and believed that Apple could not maintain its position as a great company after jobs' death. However, apple reversed the situation by releasing new products, paying dividends and other measures ★ 6) maximum tension and compression alternating load: not less than ± 50kN;. By the end of this year, Tim Cook, CEO of apple, was named CEO of the year by CNN, and ranked second in time magazine's person of the year

the following is the abstract of the article:

at the beginning of 2014, the outside world looked down on apple and thought it was doomed to failure. Now, however, Apple has made no mistakes. What happened this year

a week after Apple released its mixed first quarter results and its share price plummeted by $41, a headline entitled fire Tim cook: too little, too late, too stupid appeared on the financial station the street

by the end of the year, cook was named CEO of the year by CNN, person of the year by the financial times, and ranked second in the time magazine person of the year. At the same time, Apple's stock has also completed a split of 7 to withstand high temperature, with its share price up 40%, and the company's market value increased by nearly $200billion


in the book "empire in the shadow: apple after Steve Jobs" published by Yukari Kane before Wall Street, whether Apple can remain great without iconic leaders is questioned

in this 385 page book, Cain concludes that Apple cannot continue to be great without jobs. If Harper Collins had hoped to make a fortune by taking advantage of the theme that apple is doomed to fail at the end of March, or if brazen stations such as business insider wanted to use this title to cheat traffic, they would have done it too late. Cook called the content described in the book a bunch of nonsense, and almost every subsequent comment was heavily criticized

turning point

if Apple is compared to a bit unit, then four weeks later, that is, on April 23, the state of this bit jumps from 0 to 1. Apple released its second quarter results, which exceeded expectations, announced a 1:7 share split, raised its share price, and launched the largest stock repurchase program in history. Apple's share price rose $44, or 8.3%, in after hours trading

continue to work hard

it was like eating an indigestible meal. It took Apple some time to digest the two-hour global developer conference (WWDC) held in early June. Apple has not only made major updates to one operating system, but also two. Apple has launched a new health and home monitoring interface, dozens of ways to bind one apple product to another, and a new programming language. Apple showed a new confidence on stage. We are back, we are ready, and we know ourselves. The verge Joshua topolsky, a technology blog, said: from where I sit, Apple's words are very loud

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