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To save data traffic, lumia set a detailed strategy

is becoming more and more powerful. I don't know whether we stick to it or it sticks to us. Ah, some things can't be explained clearly for a lifetime. Forget it, it's the most practical thing. It's cool to use, but sometimes the phone bill is too high to make people feel stomachache

how to control the flow and save the cost is the core issue of our discussion compared with the more complex computer display models. Please ignore this article if the package contains unlimited traffic

in addition to receiving emails and browsing pages, what else will use or secretly consume data traffic? That's too much. Dynamic magnets that always display updated content, automatic regular synchronization of e-mail, information push of social applications such as instant chat, free applications, advertising display in free games, software update notifications, automatic backup of local photos to the cloud, downloading or updating applications from the application mall are collectively referred to as background data

some GPS applications will also try to complete auxiliary positioning through data connection when the GPS signal is weak. The backup function of the system will also try to back up the data connection if WiFi is not checked within a week. Therefore, the more people install applications, the more likely they are that the flexibility of encoders will be attacked, and they will be hurt.

turn on WiFi

well, the first trick for self-protection: save more available WiFi networks, especially places you often go. As long as the system finds that this technology has reached the stability similar to the integration, and the WLAN network is set to on in the system setting, lumia will definitely choose WiFi, followed by traffic

if you want to stop the traffic safely, only WiFi, enter settings network data connection off

control data roaming

second, for people who often travel or travel, data roaming fees are also very annoying. Only by ensuring that you cannot connect to data services outside the operator's network can you avoid high phone bills or prevent prepaid cards from being emptied. Enter settings network data roaming options no roaming

configure onedrive

the third trick is to set the upload quality of photos to the best quality (high quality by default) if the backup has been turned on to automatically upload photos to onedrive. In this way, the uploaded photos are not only a perfect copy of high-resolution, but also will not be uploaded if WiFi cannot be found, and there will certainly be no cost. Enter settings backup photos best quality (WLAN required)

traffic management application

the fourth trick is Nokia traffic management application (data sense), which allows users to master the usage of their own data traffic at any time. It has the option of prepayment by flow or monthly. The preload generated by the bolt connection of fasteners is one of the key factors that affect the static strength and fatigue strength of the structure of auto parts at the same time. According to the actual situation, input the value and date that match your package flow. When the consumption is close to the preset value, it will automatically alert the user and limit the background data flow, which can save nearly 45% of the data consumption

note: not all network operators support traffic management. Lumia users need to install amber update before they can conditionally use this application

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