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Look at the new trend of packaging through FoodTec

more and more consumers are used to the concept of fast consumption. People prefer those foods that are fast and easy to eat. The convenient food processing industry is growing rapidly. Anuga FoodTec 2006 comprehensively demonstrates the latest progress in this field in technology and equipment

the fourth international food and Beverage Technology Exhibition - Anuga FoodTec 2006, held in Cologne, Germany, from April 4 to 7, has come to a successful conclusion. This is another high-level event to show the world's representative food and beverage technologies and equipment

this exhibition attracted 35000 registered visitors from 130 countries, of which more than half of the exhibitors and exhibitors are from countries outside Germany. This highly international feature has greatly promoted multilateral exchanges and Global trade. Anuga FoodTec's unique concept of cross exhibition completely shows the whole production line, integrating process processing, transmission technology, packaging and logistics; By participating in this exhibition, you can learn about the latest technologies and products of various processes in the food and beverage industry, new market opportunities and the investment of important customers

anuga FoodTec is over, but the latest equipment and technology from exhibitors in different fields during the exhibition is worth us to understand and learn. Here we choose some of them for your aftertaste

efficient intelligent equipment

when processing high-quality fast food, such as meat, soup, seasoning, etc., accurate quality control technology is very important. Only when food ingredients are mixed and heated efficiently, can their nutrition not be lost. For example, vacuum mixing can ensure a very uniform mixing effect without any impurities, air and foam. Modern batch processing systems, such as Tetra albatch processing system of Tetra Pak, can be used to handle any link in the processing process, from mixing, heating to cooling, condensation, etc. In addition, the vacutherm system of Stephan machinery company is mainly developed for the products of delis, integrating the multi-step processing process into one step, and the processing range includes liquid, powder and mixed raw materials

upgraded canned processing

in the canned food industry, the method of high-pressure cooking is recognized to maintain the quality of food. "Shaka", a new high-pressure cooking and sterilization system from zinetec company in the UK, abandons the traditional steam injection method and adopts the omni-directional shower type high-pressure cooking, which reflects its advantages in the following two aspects: the intensity of product agitation and heat transfer speed. The processing principle is as follows: under the condition of high-pressure cooking, the container shakes longitudinally to mix the food, making it contact the inner wall of the container fully and at high speed. Strong agitation accelerates heat transfer, which not only prevents food from contacting the container too much, but also reduces the processing time consumption

innovation of frozen fruit and vegetable packaging

in the past 30 years, the annual per capita consumption of frozen food in Germany has increased from 24.8 kg to 36.6 kg. People prefer new convenience foods with high-quality freezing and refrigeration technology. For example, the processing process of pre cooking, pre curing and noodle pre molding has been completed in the state of refrigerated packaging. There are two basic processing technologies for frozen food: IQF (individual rapid freezing) and BF (batch freezing). The shelf life of frozen food using BF method is longer than that of IQF food, and IQF food processing is more convenient. This method makes more fruits, vegetables, potatoes and seafood become convenient food for consumers

using the quick freezer, the separately processed food can be evenly coated with flavoring ingredients at the same time. Spraying liquid nitrogen on the pre processed food can immediately cool the temperature to -196 ° C, and when the liquid nitrogen contacts the food, it will evaporate naturally. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it will not have any impact on the taste and appearance of food

innovation of food packaging cartons

the development of plastic wood products that can be used to replace wood products in some occasions in the convenience food industry is particularly practical, which also promotes the innovation of corresponding packaging technology, especially the growing fast food industry has spawned many new varieties of packaging products. In terms of carton packaging, traditional cartons are often used to pack cans and cannot withstand the heat of boiling water. Tetra Recart is a new type of carton material with heat and moisture resistance. With this material, sticky food can be packaged before cooking. SIG Combibloc exhibited "Combisafe" for the first time on Anuga FoodTec, which is a heat-resistant carton that can carry a variety of foods and is suitable for the packaging of fruits, vegetables and cooked foods

tetra wedge aseptic, the world's first microwave heated food packaging carton, was launched as early as 1997, which can ensure that the products can be stored for six months without any quality loss under non refrigerated conditions. At this FoodTec, Tetra Pak exhibited the latest "Tetra wedge aseptic clear", which is the world's first transparent sterile carton

aseptic filling innovation of PET bottles

consumers are increasingly buying PET bottled beverages. Recyclable PET bottles have become a popular form of beverage packaging today. Whether it is pure water, soft drinks, fruit juice or sports drinks, the rapidly growing market demand for PET bottles has prompted manufacturers to constantly put forward innovative packaging solutions. To this end, companies such as Tetra Pak, SIG, Krones and KHS have taken measures to maintain a leading position in the fierce competition

with the increasingly complex filling process of dairy products, fruit juices and non-alcoholic beverages, the need to integrate the filling process is more significant. The aseptic cold filling technology of beverages has become another trend in the market because it can maintain the characteristics of products. But at the same time, for beverage manufacturers, the biggest challenge is how to transform the existing technology to meet the new requirements of aseptic production

aseptic cold filling (ACF) requires that products, bottles, caps or cartons should meet strict hygienic standards. The most basic process is to disinfect containers and bottle caps without bacteria installed in the machine, and fill drinks and seal containers in an absolutely sterile environment. For fruit juice products, the most advanced processing method is to integrate sterilization and mixing into one process, so that the concentrated fruit juice can be heated by steam and maintain the ideal sterilization temperature, and then the concentrated fruit juice can be mixed with cold water to achieve the ideal sugar content (Brix value) and cooled at the same time

for beverage filling enterprises, the most arduous challenge also comes from the aseptic disinfection of containers. There are usually two sterilization processes for aseptic cold filling: wet sterilization and dry sterilization. The wet method is to disinfect pet and HDPE containers with nitric peroxide, while the dry method is to disinfect the inside and outside of the containers with hydrogen peroxide vapor by spray. For example, Krones and KHS can use these two processes to disinfect the common failure 6 of the bottle body and cap

innovation of dairy filling technology

for a long time, dairy products have been packed in cartons, but with the increasing favor of consumers for plastic bottles, there has been a new packaging trend in the dairy industry. Nowadays, plastic bottles have occupied more than 30% of the filling market share. The sterile cold filling technology of PET bottles was initially used for high-temperature sterilized milk, and the shelf life is three months at room temperature

on this Anuga FoodTec, Krones strongly recommended a product that is an overall sterile filling equipment for milk and flavored milk drinks, and designed a widely used and validated pet asept l wet sterilization method for it, which has met the requirements of the milk processing industry. This is a set of equipment unit with insulation technology, which is composed of sterilization machine, bottle washing machine and filling machine. The insulation technology reflects a minimum sterilization space and optimizes the sanitary conditions. The core of the equipment is a se weighing and filling machine, which is strictly manufactured according to the standards of the milk industry. The greater the value of se is, the greater the value is. The equipment unit can aseptically fill UHT milk, milk mixed drinks and extended shelf life milk (ESL) under the cold chain. At the same time, Krones has made many improvements in the operating cost, consumption data, safe operation, health design, process and modification time of the whole system

information source: Modern Packaging

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