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Methods to repair the failure of remote control keys

many publications have introduced many repair methods for the failure of remote control keys. For example, paste tin paper, apply conductive graphite layer, scald with a soldering iron, etc. The trial results are effective, but not ideal. Take pasting tin foil as an example. Paste it according to the described pasting method. It is difficult to paste firmly, and it will fall down after a period of time. Sometimes the fallen tin foil is attached to the keyboard, which will also cause all keys to lose control. I have tried many other adhesives to paste, but I haven't found a way to stick firmly. Besides, the method of ironing sometimes works and sometimes doesn't work. The repair of remote control buttons has indeed become a small problem. For more than ten years, I have been looking for a kind of repair method that can repair the failure of keys and reflect the efficient internal organization of enterprise management. It will have a wide range of uses for cold-rolled strip and effective repair conditions. Today, I finally found it and introduced it to my colleagues for reference. Welcome to put forward valuable opinions

the specific method is: cut a thick paper that is easy to stick into a rectangle whose size is slightly larger than the key to be stuck, and use a small sewing needle (the smaller the better) and fine sewing. I hope it can help you. There are many kinds of anti-skid tests for the prepared rectangular paper shoes. There are different test methods for different skills. Put the pieces on the failed key, embroider them into a "+" flower shape, and fix the rectangular paper on the key, Then stick tin foil on it. Note: the shape of the tin foil is as good as the shape of the key, which is more beautiful. When pasting, the metal side faces outward, and you can use ordinary glue. Characteristics of this method: the material is easy to take, and it is strong and firm after being pasted

I have repaired sevenoreight remote controls with the above method. The effect is very good

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