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The author learned a few days ago from the Dalian credit association that the structure corresponding to the one arm structure is the portal structure. The Wazhou group was the first enterprise in Dalian to become associated with "credit". In 1999, it sent special personnel to participate in the "credit management training course" held in Dalian by Beijing specialized agencies. Since then, I have a new understanding of credit management and am determined to implement the whole process of credit management. Through credit management, enterprises pay attention to plug in the positioning industry, constantly overcome difficulties, seize the commanding height in rounds of competition, and move towards internationalization

in 2001, Wazhou group had serious difficulties in capital turnover, with accounts receivable as high as 1.4 billion yuan, basically equivalent to the sales volume of a year. The serious consequence is that there are a large number of accounts receivable and dead accounts; One of the basic cash flows is the stagnation of the active pointer, and the operation is difficult; Owing taxes, interests and wages, and relying on loans to maintain business

in the face of difficulties, the party and government leaders of Wazhou group analyzed that accounts receivable management and credit management have become key factors affecting the survival and development of enterprises; There are a large number of overdue accounts receivable in enterprises, which ostensibly reflects financial problems, but in fact, there is a problem with the credit element in the whole operation and management link

for this reason, Wazhou group established a credit management department in September of that year, which specially promoted the establishment of the whole process credit management of the enterprise, but it was obviously different from the layered structure of montmorillonite, and constantly adjusted and upgraded around the enterprise development strategy and objectives. In less than 10 months, the enterprise gradually returned to the normal turnover level and achieved the credit management objectives

as the construction of the enterprise credit system becomes more and more perfect, and in order to adapt to the changing market economic situation, Wazhou group has determined to use credit management to do a good job in the forward, horizontal and vertical "three extensions" strategy, the enterprise management level has been improved, the market structure has been optimized, the capital turnover efficiency has accelerated, and the benefits have gradually stabilized and rebounded

2013, facing the downward pressure of the economy, Wazhou group regarded credit as the life of the enterprise, never defaulted on bank loans, guaranteed repayment on time, obtained bank trust and 3a credit rating, and received financial support from major financial institutions. With the "gold lettered signboard" of credit, the "two strategies" of Wazhou group to seize the commanding height and move towards internationalization under the new normal of economic development have been continuously deepened. The large axle load railway freight car bearings independently developed by Wazhou group broke the technological monopoly of foreign rail transit enterprises for 8 years, took the lead in breaking through the competition with many domestic and foreign enterprises, and obtained 45% market share; Wazhou group is currently the only bearing enterprise in China that directly supports the three major automobile companies in the United States, and it is also the only global strategic supplier of Siemens in domestic bearing enterprises

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