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ExxonMobil: a "smart way" to reduce costs and improve quality in the plastic processing industry

ExxonMobil: a "smart way" to reduce costs and improve quality in the plastic processing industry

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-- China (Chongqing) International Plastics Industry Exhibition interview with Mr. Huang Weifang, deputy general manager of ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

ExxonMobil (China) Mr. Huang Weifang, deputy general manager of Investment Co., Ltd.

take multiple measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency and ignite a new green and efficient engine

sinolub: is this the first time for ExxonMobil to participate in Chongqing International Plastics Industry Exhibition this year? Could you introduce the highlights of this exhibition

Mr. Huang: this year, Mobil industrial lubricants participated in the Chongqing International Plastics Industry Exhibition for the first time, presenting Mobil's high-performance lubrication products and professional supporting services to the majority of users, and helping the transformation and upgrading of the plastics industry

ExxonMobil's excellent lubrication products include hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil and grease, which can meet various lubrication needs of plastic processing equipment. Among them, Mobil DTE series products have been favored by more than 1000 global equipment manufacturers

o Mobil DTE 10 extraordinary ™ Series of high energy efficiency hydraulic oils are specially designed to meet the hydraulic system needs of modern high-pressure industry and mobile equipment. They have excellent cleanliness and help reduce equipment maintenance costs; Stable shear force and high viscosity index can maintain component protection performance in a wide temperature range; The excellent hydraulic efficiency and anti-wear characteristics can provide reliable protection for the hydraulic system and help the injection molding machine save energy consumption

o Mobil DTE ™ 20 series hydraulic oil has excellent wear resistance, which can effectively help reduce equipment maintenance and production costs; Excellent anti pollution performance, which helps to prolong the service life of components; Good cleanliness can effectively reduce the generation of sediment and sludge, enhance the reliability of equipment, reduce downtime, maintenance costs and improve the overall performance of the system. At the same time, this series of products has been favored by more than 1000 global equipment manufacturers

o Mobil gear oil ™ 600 XP series adopts special formula and has excellent extreme pressure and load bearing characteristics. Enhanced bearing wear protection helps reduce maintenance downtime and bearing replacement costs; Excellent seal compatibility can help reduce leakage, fuel consumption and pollution; Excellent anti-wear and micro pitting protection can help control the replacement cost of equipment

o Mobil grease XHP ™ 220 series multi-purpose composite lithium grease has a wide range of applications and can adapt to harsh working conditions

in addition, we also provide Mobil Youshida services, and have a professional team of engineers to provide on-site inspection and technical recommendations to help plastic processing equipment operate reliably and help enterprises further improve productivity

sinolub: it is reported that the "China International Plastic Machinery Industry Forum" jointly held by ExxonMobil and China Plastics Machinery Industry Association focuses on the development status and trends of domestic and foreign plastic machinery industry, and points out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of China's plastic industry. Through this cooperation, what more valuable lubrication solutions does ExxonMobil want to deliver to Chinese users

Mr. Huang: ExxonMobil has always maintained close interaction with industry authoritative organizations. Since the formal cooperation with China Plastics Machinery Industry Association in April this year, the two sides have conducted technical exchanges on many occasions to share the latest development trends of the industry and equipment lubrication management experience with plastic processing related enterprises

at present, the whole plastic industry is still lack of awareness of lubrication management, and customers cannot obtain very complete lubrication services and training capabilities. This time, with the help of the China International Plastic Machinery Industry Forum, ExxonMobil can communicate closely with equipment manufacturers and the majority of plastic processing enterprises, share the development trend of the plastic machinery industry and advanced lubrication solutions, and guide the employees of the enterprise in the daily use of equipment, how to replace regularly, how to analyze and judge the condition of lubricating oil, so as to help the enterprise obtain the maximum benefits

in the future, ExxonMobil will continue to work with the industry association to integrate the advantageous resources of both sides, constantly optimize lubrication solutions, improve the quality and cost performance of plastic machine equipment, and help the member units of the association further improve productivity

ExxonMobil engineers made a keynote speech at the forum of the plastic machinery association

sinolub: while developing in a high-end and differentiated way, China's plastic industry will also pay more attention to cost reduction, efficiency increase, green and sustainable development. Then, how will ExxonMobil, as a lubricant enterprise, create "safe, environmental friendly and efficient" lubrication benefits for high-yield plastic processing manufacturers with leading product technology and market demand

Mr. Huang: as a leader in the lubrication industry, ExxonMobil has always been committed to providing customers in the plastic machinery and plastic processing industry with comprehensive lubrication solutions to achieve safe, environmental friendly and efficient lubrication benefits and help them maintain long-term business competitiveness. That is, what we are talking about is not just improving productivity. Specifically, through the high-performance lubrication products and professional lubrication knowledge provided by Mobil, we can help customers reduce production costs, improve productivity, ensure safety and reduce environmental pollution

extraordinary with Mobil DTE 10 ™ Taking the series of high energy efficiency hydraulic oil as an example, it has excellent cleaning performance and durability, and can help prolong the service life of the equipment at the contact between the outer surface of the sample and the upper and lower indenters; Excellent shear stability and high viscosity index help to improve the efficiency of hydraulic system, reduce the energy consumption of equipment, save operating costs for plastic processing enterprises, effectively improve enterprise productivity, and help enterprises stand out from the increasingly competitive market. Based on excellent test results, Mobil DTE 10 is extraordinary ™ Series of high-energy efficiency hydraulic oils have been recognized as "energy-efficient" industrial lubricants by ExxonMobil, and the unique "energy efficiency" logo of ExxonMobil is used on the product packaging. 1

in addition, we will cooperate with plastic machine manufacturers to carry out lubrication knowledge lectures to help guide the employees of customer enterprises on how to manage and maintain equipment and improve the safety of the workplace. Through predictive equipment maintenance services such as Mobil yushida oil analysis service, we will prevent production delays and equipment failures, avoid high maintenance costs, and help protect employees and the environment

ExxonMobil booth style

market intensive cultivation, mining "visible" benefits

sinolub: Mobil industrial lubricants have proven successful service experience in the plastic industry. All series of hydraulic oils, gear and compressor oils, and greases are specially formulated to help ensure effective operation and tap the best benefits of production and operation. Please share with us oneortwo cases of ExxonMobil serving local plastic industry users with world leading technology

Mr. Huang: Mobil has rich experience in lubrication management in the plastic industry, and has successfully served many plastic processing enterprises to help them reduce costs and increase efficiency. Among them, Mobil DTE series products have been favored by more than 1000 global equipment manufacturers and have performed well in practical applications

As our long-term customer, Hainan Junda automotive trim Co., Ltd. has specially equipped two large-scale injection molding machines for the production of automotive interior and exterior trim products, and has long provided supporting products for major domestic automotive companies. However, quality problems such as product flash occur from time to time in the production process, resulting in an increase in the number of product rework and damage to production efficiency. After a series of troubleshooting, our professional engineer team recommended the use of Mobil DTE 10 ™ High performance anti-wear hydraulic oil is used to solve the problem of unstable pressure in the hydraulic system of injection molding machine. After the replacement of products, Hainan Junda has effectively improved the productivity of equipment and the qualification rate of finished products, while the reduced labor costs, lubricant procurement costs and power consumption saved after the improvement of energy efficiency can save enterprises nearly 25000 yuan per year

for another example, Luohe Swire Coca Cola Beverage Co., Ltd., another customer of Mobil, as one of the largest bottlers in China, used Mobil DTE 25 anti-wear hydraulic oil, a high-performance lubricating product recommended by ExxonMobil engineers, as well as professional lubrication services, such as oil change and flushing, cleanliness testing Mobil yushida oil analysis service and personnel training. It ensures the stable operation of the equipment and helps the enterprise save 30000 yuan per year

sinolub: how will ExxonMobil cope with this trend in the face of the expanding downstream applications of the plastic processing industry

Mr. Huang: in terms of the current development trend of the industry, prevention and control means that plastic products have huge demand and great development potential in China, among which the fields of auto parts, electronic appliances, packaging and so on have sprung up in recent years, further expanding the application scope of the plastic processing industry. As far as the auto parts industry is concerned, China, as the world's largest auto trading market, with the continuous growth of car ownership, the demand for environmental protection and energy conservation is imminent. As an effective measure to reduce vehicle emissions and improve combustion efficiency, automobile lightweight makes plastic an excellent material to reduce the weight of the car body at one stroke, and its application range is gradually expanded from interior parts to exterior parts, car bodies and structural parts. According to statistics, for every 100 kg reduction in the curb weight of traditional fuel vehicles, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can be reduced by about 0 6 liters; For electric vehicles, the battery cost can be saved by 15% to 20% for every 100 kg reduction in vehicle mass. At present, the average plastic consumption per vehicle accounts for 5%-10% of the proportion of vehicles. It is expected that by 2020, the average plastic consumption per vehicle will reach more than 500 kg, accounting for more than one third of the total vehicle materials

facing the expanding downstream application fields of the plastic processing industry, ExxonMobil continues to help many enterprises overcome various obstacles encountered in the production process and achieve rapid development through comprehensive lubrication solutions. In the future, we will also actively pay attention to the development trend of the industry, further look for cooperation opportunities, improve our own products and services, and help the comprehensive development of the plastic processing industry and its downstream applications

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fight the battle of innovation and upgrading, and help the plastic industry meet the new era

sinolub: plastic machinery and equipment under intelligent, digital, lightweight and environmental protection operate efficiently, quickly and accurately, which will bring greater benefits and stronger strength to enterprises. In the future, how will ExxonMobil strengthen its experience and advantages in the plastic industry and help the plastic processing industry meet the new opportunities of "made in China 2025"

president Huang: under the guidance of the "made in China 2025" policy, China's manufacturing industry will undergo transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development in ten years, and will become a manufacturing power leading the development of the world's manufacturing industry in 2025. It is foreseeable that a series of technological and industrial changes will take place in China's manufacturing equipment, including plastic processing equipment

we have observed that the production of high-tech value-added products plays an important role in improving enterprise profits. Because NCM and NCA combine the advantages of LiCoO2, LiNiO2 and limno2/LiAlO2, the financial data of industrial enterprises released by the National Bureau of statistics on October 27 showed that in October this year, China's high-end equipment system

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