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Wazhou group and CRRC signed a strategic cooperation agreement

on July 29, Wazhou Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with CRRC dynamometer piston belt wear and fracture Co., Ltd. CRRC will take Wazhou group as a strategic supplier of rail transit equipment bearings, and the two sides will jointly create a win-win cooperation model based on the competitive advantages of the industrial value chain, which will rigidly challenge the high-voltage warning line of national policies, aiming at standard EMUs High end bearing products and services such as high-power locomotives, high-speed passenger cars, large axle heavy trucks, etc. will be developed synchronously to build national brands and establish Chinese standards. As a leading enterprise in China's bearing industry, Wazhou group accelerates the construction of railway bearing production base and the research and development of railway bearings. Since the company accelerated the pace of research and development, promoted the market of universal testing machines, and vigorously developed the main research and development of 30 ton axle load railway truck bearings, which have been loaded and operated in batches, breaking the constant quality and technical monopoly of foreign enterprises in the use process; The bearings designed and manufactured for passenger cars with a speed of 140 kilometers per hour have replaced imports

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