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Talk about the way to save energy and reduce consumption in corrugated board production line

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core tip: in today's society, "green environmental protection" and "energy saving and consumption reduction" have become global topics, and have been listed by consumers as an important consideration in choosing products. Therefore, many enterprises have taken advantage of the situation, The "green" element is widely used in brand marketing strategies in various forms. In fact, green environmental protection is not only the "lyrics" of enterprise marketing means. Only by closely combining the green concept with the daily production and operation of enterprises can we achieve a win-win situation of brand improvement and profit growth

[China Packaging News] in today's society, "green environmental protection" and "energy conservation and consumption reduction" have become global topics, and are listed as important considerations for consumers to choose products. Therefore, many enterprises have taken advantage of the situation and widely applied the "green" element in brand marketing strategies in various forms. In fact, green environmental protection is not only the "lyrics" of enterprise marketing means. Only by closely combining the green concept with the daily production and operation of enterprises can we achieve a win-win situation of brand improvement and profit growth

in recent years, green energy conservation has gradually penetrated into the carton industry. Many carton production and equipment manufacturing enterprises have also embarked on the journey of green environmental protection, trying to reduce production costs and contribute to sustainable development. Faced with the requirements of corrugated box users for large order specifications, small quantity and fast delivery, carton manufacturers must improve the automation process of corrugated board production line. This time, a total of 6 research projects won this honor and production management level, so as to achieve the purpose of improving quality, improving efficiency, saving energy, saving manpower, reducing consumables and reducing waste products

the cost management of corrugated board production line is very important, and the corrugated line bears the brunt of reducing production costs. Next, let's talk about the way to save energy and reduce consumption of corrugated board production line

1. Establish advanced tile line energy-saving concept

energy conservation and environmental protection is the eternal theme of maintaining human living environment, the strategic focus of national sustainable development, and the era concept pursued by enterprises today. It is the top priority of the seven strategies of the national "12th Five Year Plan" and the first of the seven sustainable strategies. Facing the increasingly strengthened resource and environmental constraints, all walks of life must enhance their awareness of crisis

the majority of carton enterprises are no exception. They must establish the concept of green and low-carbon development, focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, improve incentive and self-restraint mechanisms, and thoroughly implement the basic national policies of resource conservation and environmental protection

the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has long been popular in foreign countries, but it is relatively unfamiliar to the carton industry that cannot move up and down in China. We need to focus on bringing this advanced concept of green environmental protection to the Chinese market and actively promoting it

Wu Xiaohui, chief operating officer of BHS Shanghai, a famous corrugated machinery manufacturing and service supplier, once said, "we must first spread this concept to customers. Once customers accept these things, they will bring this requirement to suppliers, and then suppliers to manufacturers. In this way, they are linked and transmitted layer by layer. We believe that those advanced concepts will gradually be adopted by the Chinese market and applied to actual production and sales." 。

2. Reduce the shutdown rate and waste production rate

abnormal shutdown of corrugated board production line will produce a large number of waste products, and will reduce production efficiency and increase production costs. We should find out the main reasons for the shutdown of tile line according to the five elements of human, machine, material, law and environment, and then solve them one by one. As for the tile line, in order to reduce production costs, we must ensure a reasonable production schedule, and try to arrange the processing of cartons of the same quality and grade required by different customers together. In order to reduce production costs more effectively, factors such as the size of cartons should be considered in order to minimize the waste generated by the cardboard line

in addition, the area of paperboard should be specially calculated to optimize the processing area of paperboard and reduce unnecessary waste of materials. When scheduling the corrugating machine, the base paper with the same paper and the same width should be placed together, and the width should be from wide to narrow, so as to reduce the times of paper change and order change

to reduce the shutdown rate, we must do a good job in the maintenance of tile line equipment. Giving full play to the performance of the equipment and improving production efficiency are effective measures to reduce production costs in disguise. The maintenance is carried out by the operator and supervised by the equipment and management personnel, especially the bearing lubrication of mechanical equipment, to ensure the good operation of the equipment

level II maintenance is completed by equipment maintenance personnel with the assistance of operators. Mainly pay attention to the running, emitting and leakage of equipment steam and the adjustment of equipment status. For renovation, the equipment department shall formulate and implement a detailed overhaul plan according to the problems arising from the use of equipment. Among them, the daily maintenance of equipment is very important and the investment cost is less, but entering the field of 3C lithium-ion battery is a means with better results. On the one hand, it can prolong the service life of the machine and maintain the normal and stable operation. On the other hand, it can also reduce the probability of mechanical failure and the emergence of non defective products. At the same time, it also saves human and material resources, which is also what we need to pay attention to in reducing the cost of tile line. We should also pay attention to the reasonable inventory of equipment spare parts, not only to reduce the capital occupation, but also to ensure the timely maintenance needs and production

3. In the process of technological transformation and application of new technology

production, the main factor determining the production capacity of the corrugated board line is the "average speed". At present, many carton equipment manufacturers have adopted new control technology to optimize the power distribution and use in the production of the corrugated board line. Compared with the same type of corrugated board line, the high-speed corrugated board production line can easily meet the same production capacity requirements without frequent speed changes in production, It can save 20% of the power consumption, greatly reduce the scrap rate in production, and minimize the energy and material consumption in production

The stable operation of the tile line ensures the consistent quality of the produced paperboard. Not only that, but also the use and maintenance cost is extremely low, which improves the return on investment of the equipment. The intelligent and humanized design of integrated control panel and man-machine interface makes the operation of tile line more intuitive and simple, and effectively reduces the maintenance cost and labor cost

using the corrugated board production line production management system to control the production cost can accurately calculate the production efficiency of the corrugated board line, realize the speed synchronization of the whole production line, and effectively reduce waste products. Using automatic paper receiving machine to receive paper will greatly reduce the waste of base paper, and can improve the speed and production efficiency. If considering the cost, at least one automatic paper feeder should be installed in front of the plywood process for the tester to choose. What needs to be paid attention to is the selection of production management system, because there are many production management products in the enterprise. The key to choose is not only the comparison of prices, but also how to accurately achieve the purpose of saving raw materials, especially the accuracy of paper change

in addition, the computer is provided to automatically control the amount of paste eaten according to different paper and vehicle speeds, so that the paste eating gap can be automatically reduced during high-speed operation, and the paste eating amount can be appropriately increased during low-speed operation, so that at least 15% of the paste can be saved. Moreover, for the temperature control part, the computer can also automatically adjust the baking area of the preheating cylinder according to the paper and the vehicle speed to ensure the hardness of the paperboard

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