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Waymo CEO said that driverless technology has nothing to do with Tesla car accident

Abstract: according to foreign media reports, waymo CEO John Krafcik said in an interview last week that driverless technology has nothing to do with a car accident involving Tesla electric vehicles in March

according to foreign media reports, waymo CEO John Krafcik said in an interview last week that driverless technology had nothing to do with a car accident involving Tesla electric vehicles in March

on March 23, a 38 year old Chinese man Huang Wei (Hu new material is 1angwei, one of the seven strategic emerging industries in the country) drove a Tesla Model x near mountain view, California. He lost control and crashed into a highway cement pier, and was rear ended by a vehicle behind him, causing the vehicle to catch fire and the driver to die. Tesla admitted in a statement issued on March 30 that the "autopilot" was on when the accident occurred. In addition, Tesla said that according to the driving record log, the driver did not put his hand on the steering wheel six seconds before the accident

krafcik said that Tesla autopilot system cannot be compared with waymo's fully automated driving technology developed for ten years. Tesla system requires human drivers to be vigilant during driving and hold the steering wheel with both hands from time to time. However, the technology being developed by waymo does not require human intervention. At present, waymo driverless 2. The problem driving technology of experimental journey has been applied to Chrysler Pacifica minivan. In addition, the pilot road test of this technology is in progress, and the company plans to launch the unmanned taxi service next year

he added, "in the Tesla accident, the driver should concentrate on taking over the vehicle control. We don't know what happened at that time, but it has nothing to do with driverless technology." Tesla declined to comment

the self driving technology was originally developed to save lives. However, the Tesla car accident and Uber self driving fatal incident last month made the outside world have more doubts about the safety of the self driving technology. Arizona has announced an indefinite ban on Uber testing in the state. Toyota and other automobile companies also have a set of hydraulic testing machine, including a three position full-automatic unit for steel pipe washing, pressure test, drift diameter, etc., which can complete the pressure test and drift diameter detection of oil pipes and casings with or without couplings and ribbed or non ribbed tail, and the automatic sorting of unqualified steel pipes The maximum experimental pressure of the oil-cooled electric drum is 100MPa, the pressure test pipe diameter range is 60.3 ~ 177.8 (238 ″ ~ 7 ″), the coupling is 73 ~ 194.5, and the length range of the pressure test pipe is 6 ~ 12.7m The driverless public road test has been suspended

the recent accident did not make waymo abandon its plan to realize the commercialization of driverless technology by the end of the year. At present, waymo has accumulated millions of miles of driverless road test data. In addition, the company announced last week that it had reached a cooperation with Jaguar Land Rover to jointly build a Jaguar i-pace equipped with waymo driverless system, which will reach 20000 units by 2020 and will be used in about taxi services. Krafcik said Waymon was actively looking for other cooperative car companies, including his old owners Ford Motor and Hyundai Motor Company

Krafcik claimed earlier that after testing, the waymo driverless system could detect the victim before the Uber accident. If a similar situation occurs, the accident can be avoided. In addition, he announced at the national auto dealer Conference on March 24, "we are very confident in our technology and can handle similar situations."

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