The hottest wayward customer is 30 sets, which wil

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After willfulness and troubleshooting, the customer sold 30 sets at a time. Is it going to explode after being suppressed for too long

wayward customers sell 30 sets at a time. Is it going to explode after being suppressed for too long

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in recent years, the economic growth in Northeast China has been slow, and the growth rate has continued to fall. The northeast economy is like deleting all the files in this folder, and it is difficult to extricate itself from the mire, and it is like being in the haze and unable to find a direction. Some industries and enterprises have difficulties in production and operation, and the demand for vehicles is also much lower than before. It is very rare to purchase mixer trucks in large quantities

but today, in CIMC Lingyu parking lot and the gate, 30 brand-new mixer trucks are gathering nervously, and the destination is the northeast

the owner of these vehicles is an old customer of CIMC Lingyu. As early as 2006, they have been working with Lingyu, from cement semitrailer to concrete mixer truck. They have a special preference for Lingyu brand, and the two sides have been cooperating for 10 years

this year, affected by the national macro-control, the concrete industry has warmed up and the transportation demand has increased. The customer plans to increase cars. Although many manufacturers recommended it, they finally chose the cost-effective Jiefang chassis and CIMC Lingyu top mounted mixer, and purchased 30 sets at one time, with a contract amount of more than 15 million

Ling Yu is a friend all his life. For ten years, from acquaintance to acquaintance, we have been accompanied by wind and rain all the way. Lingyu tanker, which is industry-leading, safe and durable, with excellent performance and timely service, has won the trust of customers. A driver said: Lingyu mixer has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary cars

the long-term contacts also make customers highly admire the corporate culture of Lingyu company. In the future, there are three major areas in China that deserve attention. It can be said that the two sides are no longer simple business relations, but more like old friends who cherish each other

with the whistle blaring, the magnificent fleet headed for the northeast. It is believed that this batch of mixer trucks will help customers create greater value and improve their corporate image

now the economic structure of the three northeastern provinces is being adjusted, and the signs of stable and good economic operation have begun to appear. CIMC Lingyu will have more vehicles to the northeast to help the revitalization of the new northeast

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