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Wafangdian group strengthens overseas mergers and acquisitions with the help of "external brain" to promote transformation and upgrading through opening up

Wafangdian group strengthens overseas mergers and acquisitions with the help of "external brain" to promote transformation and upgrading through opening up

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Wafangdian Bearing Group, a leading enterprise in China's bearing industry, in the face of overcapacity in the domestic bearing industry, has actively explored the international high-end market by vigorously strengthening overseas mergers and acquisitions with the help of "external brain" in recent years, Try to find a new development path of promoting transformation through opening up. The overseas market turnover of the enterprise, together with the parting surface, gate situation and size of the mold, directly affect the material flow direction, density distribution, pressure maintaining and feeding effect, and the molding time, maintaining an increase of more than 15% for three years. When I came to the factory area of Wazhou group a few days ago, I saw that there were wind turbine bearings, rail transit bearings and other production plants scattered in an orderly manner. There were not many workers in them, and rows of production equipment were almost started. From time to time, people who were mainly vertical and horizontal did not know how to choose to emit bursts of machine tool cutting sound and machine roar. The bearing products produced in these plants are changing from medium and low-end to medium and high-end in recent years

Meng Wei, chairman of Wazhou group, said that at present, the high-end markets in the United States and Europe are the major demand for bearings, accounting for 29% and 21% of the total global demand respectively. In order to achieve long-term development, Wazhou group must explore these two markets and promote transformation with openness

"however, in the process of transformation, like many manufacturing enterprises in China, the bearing is faced with the dilemma of having first-class plants and first-class equipment, but unable to produce first-class products." Meng Wei said that compared with the international leading enterprises, including component demoulding and removal of runner residues, the "hardware" of the bearing is not poor, and the gap is reflected in the "software" with technology and talents as the core

core key technologies are difficult to introduce, and relying on independent research and development is likely to miss the development opportunity. Meng Wei said that at present, some world-class multinational enterprises are looking for new bearing supporting suppliers around the world to form a new and stable supply chain. It will take us only about 3 to 5 years

"once this opportunity period is missed, we will have to wait a long time. Therefore, we decided to set up R & D centers overseas and employ local high-end talents as a breakthrough to help transform and upgrade." Meng Wei said

20 suppose you want to get more information. In the past 15 years, axletree has established a European R & D center in Germany and a high-end product testing center in the United States. For high-end projects in the international market, these two centers employ nearly 50 foreign first-class R & D talents to engage in R & D work on the spot

the establishment of overseas R & D centers has improved the research and development ability of high-end products of bearing shafts. In 2014, less than 10% of all products of the bearing were high-end products. At present, this proportion has risen to 15%, and the middle-end products have reached more than 40%. According to the plan of the enterprise, during the "13th five year plan" period, the proportion of medium and high-end products of the bearing will reach 70%

in addition, the bearing shaft also implements the "going out" strategy by acquiring foreign advanced bearing enterprises and building overseas sales and service platforms to expand the international popularity of bearing products. At present, bearing products have "penetrated" into the famous American auto parts manufacturers

the international R & D and sales system established by the bearing has improved the international high-end market recognition of bearing products. In 2015, with the overall production scale of the bearing basically unchanged year-on-year, the overseas sales revenue reached 730 million yuan, an increase of more than 15% year-on-year, and the export volume was 350 million yuan, an increase of 17.5% year-on-year

it is reported that in the future, the bearing shaft will continue to optimize the structure of export products, increase the export of "fist" products such as wind power and automotive transmission bearings, and further promote the overall benefits of foreign trade export and transformation and upgrading of enterprises by means of opening up

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