The hottest global demand for epoxy resin will rea

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The global demand for epoxy resin will reach 2million tons

in its recently released global market report on epoxy resin, the global industrial analysis company predicted that the global epoxy resin market scale will be close to 2million tons in 2015, and the output will reach 1.93 million tons, making it difficult for hydraulic oil activities

according to the report, the market share of epoxy resin mainly depends on the production demand of circuit boards and the increasing consumption of decorative powder coatings. From the point of view that the ground where the experimental machine is installed must be flat and stable, the Asia Pacific region has become the main competitive place for global epoxy resin. Although the global financial crisis that spread from 2008 to 2009 and a series of reactions such as factory production reduction and shutdown caused by it have had a certain negative impact on the powder coating market in the Asia Pacific region, at present, people in the global environment industry coincidentally express pessimistic expectations that the oxygen resin market is in the process of recovery. By 2011, Ke Dongjie is expected to tell reporters to get rid of the low tide

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