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The global chemical industry will face major restructuring in the future.

the Deloitte global manufacturing group recently released a report entitled "adapting to the changing situation: mid year outlook for the global chemical industry". The report predicts that the chemical industry is bound to face major restructuring in the next few years. The report points out that with the increase of M & A activities, chemical facilities will be reduced, and the business coverage of chemical enterprises will be wider

according to the production indicators of the global chemical industry, the chemical output fell by more than 10% in the first quarter of 2009. Deloitte global manufacturing team believes that 'although the market demand will increase again, it is unlikely to return to the level before the economic recession in the short term. Therefore, chemical enterprises are adopting flexible planning strategies to predict that the annual demand for recycled particles is also more than 100 tons. "

timhanley, vice chairman of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and leader of the US processing and industrial products industry, said: 'in view of the uncertainties in the market, chemical enterprises are making efforts to study and formulate effective future plans. Trying to establish a new business model to attract new customers and suppliers may help enterprises survive these challenging times. "

the performance of the chemical industry is closely linked to that of the automobile and construction industries. In the next few years, the chemical industry is bound to face major restructuring. The report shows that by predicting different situations in the future, chemical enterprises may be able to evaluate various possible results, consider relevant variables, and prepare flexible and profitable response plans. With the possible increase of M & A activities, chemical facilities will be reduced, and the business coverage of chemical enterprises will be wider, which will make the global business distribution of enterprises more balanced. Moreover, from the perspective of demand and supply, Asia will become increasingly important to the chemical industry. However, if we exclude the impact of government assistance to consider whether the economy is really recovering, the chemical industry may face more unique challenges

tommarriott, director of Deloitte business management consulting services, said: 'part of the challenge is to separate real economic growth from the effectiveness of the economic stimulus package. The government's funds to stimulate the economy will become a key factor to help enterprises with different sizes of materials regain momentum. " He also mentioned that the resolution of the deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the minimum measurable accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine. "As China has injected a lot of money to stimulate the economy, which has an indirect impact on the market demand of the chemical industry, multinational enterprises are also considering whether to invest more money in China and the Asia Pacific region."

according to the report, global chemical enterprises are making difficult decisions about their own operating prospects. Enterprises that have adapted to their own business model will have better conditions to carry out reform, develop new products, develop new value orientations and enter new markets, and finally create opportunities for future development

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