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The global chemical production is expected to increase by 6.5% in 2010.

the latest report of S & P, which is headquartered in the United States, shows that the credit rating of global chemical companies is getting better and will continue to improve in the rest of this year. Standard & Poor's said that the improving economic environment, more favorable debt market and the enhancement of enterprise investment confidence are all promoting positive changes in the credit rating of the chemical industry

according to the report of the American Chemical Council (ACC), the global chemical production is growing, and is expected to increase by 6.5% this year, while the growth rate will accelerate in 2011 and 2012. From different regions, the US chemical production is expected to increase by 7.8%, and the growth rate will slow down in 2011 and 2012, reaching a peak in 2013. Developing regions will lead the growth. The growth rate of China's chemical production will reach 13.7%, which is higher than that of any other major markets. The growth rate of the Western European market is still relatively slow. This year, the global GDP is expected to grow by 31% and the plastic shrinkage rate and its influencing factors%, of which the U.S. GDP will grow by 3.1%. However, the top German expert team in the field of composite materials from Fraunhofer will stay in the central economy. The growth of the central economy is still constrained by high unemployment and low consumer spending

in the first quarter, standard & Poor's upgraded the credit rating of five chemical companies, and did not downgrade the credit rating of any chemical company. The five companies are Lubrizol, Hansen chemical, Newmarket, Ashland and shounuo. Although Standard & Poor's put the American air chemical products company on the negative watch list after it made a bid to acquire the domestic competitor Airgas, and standard & Poor's put its credit rating on the watch list from the positive after the American fertilizer manufacturer Tera industries accepted the bid from CF industries, it did not downgrade the credit rating of the two companies

Standard & Poor's expects that in the rest of this year, the number of global industrial companies that have upgraded their credit rating will exceed the number of companies that have downgraded their credit rating, which is the first time since 2005. It is commendable that under the adverse economic environment, investment grade issuers have managed to maintain a balance sheet. At present, these companies can focus on business growth and shareholder returns. It is precisely because of their abundant cash flow that these companies are currently in a favorable position in business acquisition. S & P expects the M & a business of global industries to rebound this year. Speculative issuers are benefiting from a significantly improved debt market

the latest research report of youngpartners, an American investment bank, also shows that the activity of M & A transactions in the global chemical industry is gradually recovering. The president of youngpartners said that the current global economic environment tends to be stable and credit begins to improve, thus enhancing the confidence of buyers. At the same time, the seller's expectation of the sale price is more realistic. These factors are making the global chemical M & a market stronger

the economic recovery and the improvement of terminal market conditions have positive significance for the entire chemical industry. If the last one is more than half, it will be left. However, S & P believes that the performance of specialized chemical companies is better than that of basic chemical companies. Although the demand for basic chemicals is improving and American chemical producers benefit from lower natural gas raw material prices, a large number of new capacity in Asia and the Middle East will threaten the profitability of basic chemicals

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