How to decorate the living room

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As an important place in the family, many owners will pay more attention to the decoration of the living room. If they don't pay attention to the details of the decoration, it's easy to leave regrets. So how to decorate the living room without leaving regrets? Let's briefly introduce how to decorate the living room

first, the living room decoration should be divided reasonably

the living room integrates many household functions, and each function has different activity characteristics, so when decorating the living room, we must pay attention to the reasonable division

1. Zoning reflects the sense of spatial hierarchy. For example, use the height difference between the ceiling and the ground to system this kind of zoning

2. Separate reception and rest areas

3. Consistent decoration style. Too many incompatible living room decorations give people a messy feeling

second, the living room space should be bright and open

as one of the human activity function rooms, Jiuzheng home network reminds that the living room decoration design must pay attention to keep the space bright and open

1. The design of a comprehensive landing bay window. It can not only let the living room accept more natural light, but also the forefront of modern living room decoration

2. Use clapboard. If there are too many things in the living room, it will make the living room very crowded. Considering the capacity of the living room, owners can try to use more partitions to store small and medium-sized ornaments. It can not only save furniture money. The use of vertical space can also make the horizontal activity space more open

III. Feng Shui problems in living room decoration

in Feng Shui, the living room represents the social status of the family and the health of the owner, and it is also the direction of wealth in the family. Therefore, Jiuzheng home network reminds owners that they might as well do a good job in Feng Shui layout when decorating the living room

1. Financial position is not pressure. In front of the gate is the wealth position of the family. It's best not to put cabinets and other things in this place, but you can put the sofa here

2. The doors and windows are wrong. The decoration of the living room with opposite doors and windows makes it difficult for the gas in the home to gather and the wealth to stay

IV. lighting design of the living room

keeping bright lights can give full play to the efficacy of the living room. According to Jiuzheng home network, people's activity rhythm is in direct proportion to the brightness of light at a certain intensity. And for the wealth of the living room, more light is more conducive to the catalysis of wealth

v. special people should be considered in the decoration of the living room

the layout of the living room should also consider whether it is convenient for special people at home. For example, if you have children and the elderly in your family, when decorating the living room, you need to consider using laminate floors with better toughness or non slip tiles, and the living room furniture should have fewer acute corners

VI. design of the active line in the living room

when designing the decoration of the living room, we should also consider the layout of the living room and do not occupy the active line. This will not hinder home activities and increase the shortcuts of home activities. For the living room, two points need to be considered in the design of the active line

1. Make a corridor in the living room space as the main road to other functional rooms

2. There is a certain interval in front of the sofa to allow the family to rest without hindrance

here is the relevant information about how to decorate the living room. I hope this article is helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can follow us and we will answer it for you as soon as possible




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