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Food is the first priority. The kitchen is the place to cook delicious food at home. Having a clean and satisfactory kitchen is an important thing in the process of home decoration, especially for a foodie. Rheinland egger home's exclusive benefit for food: perfect cabinets make a satisfactory kitchen

food is the most important thing for the people. The kitchen is the place for cooking delicious food at home. Its importance is self-evident. Having a clean and satisfactory kitchen is an important thing in the process of home decoration

Rheinland egger cabinet series - modern Manhattan

color matching: Cologne oak vitrified marble

the whole is mainly purple, matched with white marble platform, romantic and elegant, full of modern fashion and light luxury. The use of vitrified board and glass door not only reduces the difficulty of daily cleaning, but also reveals a delicate attitude towards life

the interior of the hanging cabinet is equipped with a lift. Gently pushing and pulling can make it more convenient to access and store small items such as condiment bottles. There is no need to worry about the height of the hanging cabinet

the cabinet door adopts a new vitrified panel to meet the waterproof needs of the kitchen and reduce the difficulty of cleaning. OSB board is used for the cabinet, which is waterproof and corrosion-resistant up. Selected hardware, firm and durable, smooth use, make kitchen life more handy

a variety of internal accessories can be selected and matched, with super large capacity, various storage to meet the needs of daily life, stored in different categories, neat and beautiful, and more convenient to take

corner pull basket

horse riding draw

flat basket

bowl and plate basket

linkage pull basket

taking into account fashion and function, integrating intelligence and humanization, a clean, healthy, beautiful and practical kitchen is waiting for you




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