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In recent years, with the transformation from the seller's market to the buyer's market, the target customer layer of wardrobe enterprises has been further subdivided, coupled with the continuous promotion of supply side structural reform, how to better meet the needs of the masses is an important guarantee for the long-term development of wardrobe enterprises. According to chinawardrobe.com, with the continuous development of the wardrobe industry, problems are emerging one after another, especially in the field of children's wardrobe. There are still some products that do not conform to ergonomics in design. Therefore, for wardrobe enterprises, in order to obtain more consumer recognition and expand market development space, they need to closely follow the needs of users and produce products that fit the market development. The wardrobe brand should meet the market consumption demand! The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

deeply explore the drivers of user needs from the outside to the inside

in the sentence "I need a faster horse", in fact, "faster" is the demand, and "horse" is only a solution. In this sentence, consumers not only put forward their needs, but also put forward the "solutions" they can think of. So, is the wardrobe enterprise to meet his needs? Or meet his solution

it can be seen that wardrobe enterprises cannot take it for granted to simply look at user needs, but should explore what drives users when users generate this demand from the outside to the inside. Only by looking at user needs from a more macro perspective can we grasp the general direction of enterprise development and ensure that products follow the flow to meet the psychological expectations of mass consumers

improve the level and practicality of wardrobe design according to the market demand

at present, the wardrobe industry is ushering in a reshuffle period. So, what kind of wardrobe enterprises do the market and consumers need? Some wardrobe designers began to try to integrate simple and modern design into the wardrobe field, combining Chinese and Western design culture, Chinese classical and modern design styles. As the market consumers become more and more rational, the way out for wardrobe enterprises is to improve the design level and meet the higher-level needs of consumers

of course, the main function of the wardrobe is to load clothes, etc. Therefore, wardrobe enterprises must not put the cart before the horse, just pursue beauty and ignore its practicality. In the eyes of many consumers, to buy a desirable wardrobe product, practical is useful and popular. That is to say, to fit the market, we must first interpret the basic functions of the product

facing the current fierce market competition environment in the wardrobe industry, who can understand the market demand, who can grasp the development opportunity. In order to expand their development space, wardrobe enterprises should not only make products that meet the new needs of users, but also products with practical functions in the market. Only starting from the supply side and the demand side, can they improve the adaptability and flexibility of enterprises to demand changes, and then seize the development opportunity

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