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The most important thing in doing business is to be honest and trustworthy, which is the foundation of the business district. Secondly, we should have a broad vision and pattern view, and finally, we should have executive power

the most important thing in doing business is to be honest and trustworthy, which is the foundation of a foothold in the business district, followed by a broad vision and pattern view, and finally, execution

-- excellent guante dealer Liu Yong

△ before joining guante, Liu Yong was a soldier

the customization industry is highly competitive, and if you are not careful, you may be left behind by other dealers. On March 11, 2016, senior brother Liu Yong officially joined guante family. In just over a year, he has made amazing achievements. Let's see what he thinks of this job

"words must be done, actions must be achieved"

-- be the leader of Xuzhou customization industry

△ personally speak for guante anion wardrobe

"After cooperating with guante, I have deeply experienced the power of the brand, and I have a clearer understanding of the meaning of the sentence that words must be done and actions must be achieved. In addition, after cooperating with guante, I think the biggest help to me is to broaden my view of pattern, let me clearly understand the concept of the enterprise, so as to strengthen and expand guante and become the leader of customization industry in Xuzhou!"

in the eyes of Guo Qitao, the director of guante, brother Liu cooperates and supports the company in all aspects. He is a very potential dealer, so guante is also very willing to fully support him. Mr. Guo will go to the store once a month on average to provide activity assistance or solve some problems for senior brother Liu Yong. For example, with the support of the company, the store recently held the "National Day" activity, which achieved remarkable results. During this period, the store was crowded and gained 19 new customers, which can be said to have achieved very good results

withstand temptation and loneliness

-- honesty is fundamental

△ daily work photos

in the process of business, Brother Liu Yong's biggest feeling is: "No matter what we do, honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of our foothold in the market; secondly, we must be steady and win step by step while doing business, stand the temptation and endure loneliness; in addition, in our business, we feel that the business vision brought by guante is constantly expanding, and big brands need to be supported by big vision and big pattern. When operating guante, my deepest feeling is that I keep improving with guante The pattern and vision of Sheng. "

the secret of success is:

"goal + plan + execution"

△ brother Liu Yong is also a person who loves life at ordinary times.

brother Liu Yong believes that success is never random. On the road of exploring success, we must do the following three points:

1. Clear goals

first of all, we must set a clear goal for ourselves as a beacon to move forward

2. Specific plans

secondly, we should formulate specific feasible plans to pave the way to success

3. Practical execution

this is the engine to success

it is no accident that brother Liu can reach today's height. The excellence of himself and his team is the basis of success. The company is very willing to give him full support for such a potential excellent dealer, whether it is to assist in store activities or local network promotion. Guante uses a mature support system to help excellent dealers realize their career ideals, join guante and help them succeed

after choosing customized furniture, senior brother Liu Yong's excellent quality of diligence, honesty and trustworthiness made him famous in Xuzhou. Facing the challenges in the future, senior brother Liu deeply believes that guante will have a better tomorrow

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