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President of Tianhua wood industry group's New Year speech

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:

Dragon and snake dance alternately, and the years are renewed. On behalf of the board of directors of Tianhua wood industry group, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all employees and family members on the occasion of leaving the old year and welcoming the new year. Thanks to all the employees who work hard in all positions of the group, and thanks to the industry associations and government leaders at all levels, dealers and friends from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the cause of Tianhua wood industry group. I wish you good health, family happiness, career success and grand plans in the New Year

the past 2012 has been a year of passion, hard work and pride for us. In the face of the fierce global financial tsunami and the strict regulation of the national housing market, we withstood the pressure of market downturn and consumer wait-and-see, overcame many unimaginable marketing problems, rose to the difficulties, made innovations and achieved remarkable results. In this special period of unpredictable economic environment, we spend it together. I will never forget the passion of all our staff in arranging exhibitions and attracting investment at Beijing International Door exhibition and China Construction Expo; We will never forget the earth day on April 22. We have issued the strongest voice of building a green enterprise; I can't forget the hardships of the marketing center team in receiving orders, the research and design, the production and manufacturing of colleagues in the production center, the difficulty of quality control, and the unremitting efforts of the network, administration, furniture, planning, finance, engineering, channel, order, logistics and after-sales departments for their own functions! With the unity and perseverance of every employee of Tianhua wood industry group, zhanzhi Tianhua integrated solid wood home series and zhanzhi Tianhua cloakroom project are progressing smoothly; The diversified strategic layout of the group has achieved initial success. Practice has proved that we are excellent, and we can fully take the lead in the industry

in the face of the huge business opportunities in the real estate market after 2013, we should, as always, be confident, passionate, and become strong and winners in the baptism of the market. We will certainly open up a successful road with Tianhua wood industry characteristics under the guidance of the corporate vision of creating a world-renowned enterprise for overall home furnishing

finally, let me once again wish you a happy new year, happiness and well-being, and wish Tianhua wood industry group a prosperous career and an early achievement of our great dream

thank you

liufuxin, President of Tianhua wood industry group





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