How to make sound insulation in house decoration

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Laying wall edging

laying wall edging. Before paving the floor or floor tiles, first lay a layer of 1-2cm thick and 10cm high foam material at the bottom of the wall, which is called "wall edging". It has good elasticity and toughness. Through the filtration of this material, the noise will not be directly transmitted from the wall, so as to effectively isolate most of the noise pollution from the upstairs and downstairs walls

choose the window material skillfully

the sound insulation effect of the window is particularly important in the house facing the street. In the selection of glass, it is appropriate to choose double-layer insulating glass and vacuum glass, which can play a good noise reduction effect, and the sound insulation strip is also necessary. In terms of material, generally speaking, leather wrapped sound-absorbing cotton is a good choice for the sound insulation strip, which has good toughness and is not easy to aging, which is conducive to long-term use

the door panel should be thick

the door partition is not sound insulation. In addition to the tightness after the door is opened, the quality of the door panel is also very important. The sound insulation effect of the door panel mainly depends on the filler in the door core. The higher the density of the wood itself, the heavier the weight, and the better the sound insulation effect of the door with thick door panel

cork floor

the cellular structure of cork floor is like a honeycomb polyhedron, which has many sealed air bags, which can make it have excellent sound absorption and shock resistance. At the same time, the foot feel is also very comfortable, which can effectively avoid the family noise caused by people walking back and forth

use thick curtains

thick curtains also have the effect of consuming part of the sound. Even if the effect is not too good, compared with the use of thin curtains, thick curtains still have the effect of reducing noise

the sound insulation of the house is manifested in all aspects. It is necessary to consider not only the external noise, but also the possible indoor noise, such as the sound of water flow in the water pipe and the noise caused by indoor walking. Therefore, comprehensive consideration must be given to the sound insulation treatment

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