Sofa placement skills in small family living room

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Sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in the living room. However, in the small family living room, the space is too small. Wouldn't it be more crowded to put another sofa? So some people think that small family living room should not put sofa, in order to expand space. However, Xiaobian believes that the sofa is a necessity for the living room, especially in the small family living room. As long as it is properly placed, the sofa will extend the living room space to a certain extent. As for how to place it, it is a technical problem. The following Xiaobian will tell you how to place the sofa in the small family guest room

small family living room sofa placement skills

the placement of a tea table in front of a sofa is the most common and simple. The most suitable is the small living room, because after adding a living room cabinet, the whole living room space will be basically filled. Therefore, we must choose the modeling style of living room furniture, hoping to bring the feeling of change to the living room

double sofa + side table, small furniture manufacturing flexible and dynamic

the unique feature of a very ordinary sofa is that the sofa frame, sofa back and cushion use two colors in the same color system, coupled with cushions of other colors, they already have a variety of change foundations. Instead of using the common style, the tea table combines two side tables of the same series, one large and one small, to create a sense of scattered height. Because you choose a double sofa, you can put a small side table in the spare place, and you can replace one of the side tables with green plants. The pattern of the living room remains the same, but the content is enriched

three person sofa + spare parts, there are changes in the whole

the layout of a three person sofa plus coffee table is too regular, so two spare parts are flexibly added to make changes. The modeling design of three person sofa and tea table is very fashionable. The loose parts added here are chairs with similar styles and types. The chair is not big, so it can be easily moved around the sofa, breaking the fixed feeling of the living room. Spare parts can usually choose simple furniture such as cushion, footstool and armchair according to the shape of sofa. It is not suitable to add large furniture, otherwise the small living room will be very crowded

placement of sofa in small family living room

after choosing a set of sofa, it should be placed in combination with the actual situation of the living room in order to fully display the beauty of the sofa and make the best use of it. When placing sofas, we should consider the layout of sofas according to the different activity modes and area sizes of the living room. There are mainly the following ways:

1. The relative type is suitable for the space layout with conversation as the main function. The two center type is suitable for the living room with spacious area and frequent activities. Usually, two groups of sofas are arranged in two leisure areas, and the space is divided into two conversation spaces

2. Only when the space of the free type is too large or too small can the casual living room furniture be placed. In order to increase children's play space, this kind of placement can also be considered

3. The centralized type is suitable for spaces with static activity functions, such as TV viewing, music appreciation or reading

4. The purpose of wall decoration is to save space and increase the range of activities. It is suitable for families with small area and many members who attach importance to the game activity space

5. One row is suitable for living room furnishings with narrow and long area and small space

the above is the relevant content introduction of the sofa in the small family living room. I hope it will be helpful to you. For more information about sofa, please continue to pay attention to the information





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