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Today, Meiao wardrobe will introduce you to the common types and characteristics of customized wardrobe, so that you can know more clearly what wardrobe is the most suitable

there are many kinds of customized wardrobes, so consumers should first understand what kinds of overall wardrobes there are and which kind is the most suitable place for their own house decoration. Next, Meiao wardrobe editor will introduce the common types and characteristics of customized wardrobe, so that you can know more clearly what wardrobe is the most suitable

1. Open the wardrobe in one line

suitable place: irregular walls, unable to buy finished wardrobe

scheme analysis: the wardrobe is installed on the floor, creating a high and low level, and the space will be larger. Just buy the wardrobe frame. On the one hand, the curtain is used to block the light, which will cause color erosion to the colored clothes, and it can prevent dust at the same time. The space covered by the curtain brings reverie to people, which is also a small means of space expansion

appearance tips: in the room with light tone as a whole, the white wardrobe looks clean and tidy. There are many choices of cloth colors, which can also be changed at any time

2. Double door wardrobe

suitable place: room with an area of 10-16 square meters

scheme analysis: when placing, you can keep a certain distance from the surrounding walls and furniture, so that the space appears more spacious. It is a traditional wardrobe with opposite doors, which can meet the needs of singles

appearance tips: the skin sticking surface is easy to clean

3. Four door wardrobe

suitable place: square bedroom

scheme analysis: when selecting this kind of cabinet, the room height should not be less than 250cm. Square space is better layout. You can also buy a chest of drawers and put it in front of the bed as a supplement to the storage space. Open the cabinet door horizontally, and the distance between the cabinet and the bed should be at least 55 cm. If the wardrobe is placed facing the bed, it is recommended to choose an embedded mirror. The internal space division of the four door wardrobe can be more detailed

appearance tips: partial mirror cabinet doors can double the space of the small room. Hanging a curtain between the bed and the cabinet can prevent the embarrassment of the mirror facing the bed

4. Partition wardrobe

suitable place: partition space with wardrobe; Suitable for bedrooms with many windows

scheme analysis: in bedrooms with an area of more than 39 square meters, if there are windows around, a "indomitable" wardrobe can be made on one side of the bed as a partition. The wardrobe can be designed with double-sided doors to facilitate the access of items

appearance tips: the color of the cabinet should not form too much contrast with other decorations, otherwise the color balance of the whole space will be lost

5. Double sliding door wardrobe

suitable place: rectangular bedroom, short depth; Scheme analysis of sleeping area in Bay pattern: as long as you make careful calculations, the 1.8m wide wardrobe is enough for two people's clothes. The height of the wardrobe should be as high as the ceiling to maximize the use of space, leaving only a small amount of space. The distance between the sliding door wardrobe and the bed is about 45cm

appearance tips: in confined space, bright colors are suitable for large-area cabinet doors, which are in contrast with walls and furniture. If it is the same color, there will be no sense of hierarchy, and it will be more depressing





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