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With the slowdown of macroeconomic growth and the entry of the real estate industry into the adjustment period, the development of the kitchen electricity industry this year has shown significant characteristics, such as the slowing growth of the overall market, the booming online market, the diversion of mobile terminals, and the upgrading of product structure

at the same time, the area of domestic commercial residential fine decoration projects increased by 31% year-on-year, which also led to a 109% increase in the size of the kitchen and electricity supporting market

through sorting out the relevant data of the kitchen electricity market from January to April 2015, from the overall market point of view, the current market growth in kitchen electricity is rapid, especially the performance of vertical e-commerce is more eye-catching, the year-on-year growth rate of retail sales is as high as 137.5%, and the market share increases by 4.9 percentage points year-on-year. Specifically, in terms of product prices, although low-cost products still occupy the online mainstream, the sales share of models below 1000 yuan fell by 5.4 percentage points, making the overall price level show a slow upward trend; In terms of product types, close suction and high suction smoke machines are more popular with consumers, accounting for 53% and 44% of sales respectively, occupying a dominant market position

in terms of sales mode, the set meal mode of cigarette machine and gas stove has better performance with higher cost performance, accounting for more than 90% of the combined sales of set meal. From the perspective of consumers' concerns, product quality, product price, use feeling, after-sales distribution and service are the main focus of consumers' dissatisfaction, which needs the attention and improvement of manufacturers

if we analyze the regional distribution, age composition, consumption characteristics and change trend of the current kitchen electricity consumer group, we can see that young people, especially the post-80s and post-90s, are gradually becoming the main force of household appliance consumption, among which the male group aged 25-29 is the core group of online purchasing kitchen electricity products. Therefore, manufacturers should further study the consumption habits and demand orientation of this group, To ensure that products always meet the real needs of consumers

for the future prospects of the industry, industry insiders believe that the government should promote industry 4.0 planning and “ Internet + ” Driven by the trend, the kitchen electricity market will continue to grow steadily in 2015. It is expected that the overall market and online market sales of cigarette machines will increase by 9% and 48% respectively; However, the wave of industry reshuffle will also follow, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the majority of manufacturers. To occupy a place in the increasingly competitive market, domestic kitchen power manufacturers still have a long way to go

at present, the real estate fine decoration engineering market has a scale of 300 billion yuan, and the linkage smart home can reach the trillion level. The future development prospect is very broad. In 2014, affected by the government's fine decoration policy of affordable housing and the improvement of consumers' recognition of fine decoration housing, the area of fine decoration projects of domestic commercial housing increased by 31% year-on-year, which synchronously led to the growth of 109% in the scale of kitchen and electricity supporting market

in 2015, the refined decoration kitchen electricity market continued to maintain a rapid growth trend. In the first quarter of 2015, the number of kitchen and electricity supporting products of top25 urban fine decoration reached 218000 sets, with a rapid growth trend; In terms of the matching rate of household appliances, range hoods and stoves have become essential products in fine decoration products, and they are matched in different types of fine decoration products, with the configuration rate of more than 90%; In terms of market size, the sales of range hoods, stoves and disinfection cabinets reached 555000

in the future, with the improvement of fine decoration standards and the expansion of coverage areas, as well as the promotion of the wave of intelligent home furnishings, the fine decoration kitchen electricity market is still expected to maintain high-speed growth and become a new growth driver of the kitchen electricity industry. It is expected that in the future, refined decoration products will mainly develop in the direction of product refinement and industrial maturity, and supporting products are required to be simplified, standardized, personalized and intelligent. The demand for household appliances will be higher and higher, and smart home is expected to become a chip in the differentiated competition of refined decoration





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