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Today, I am going to concentrate on two great finches found on Mallorca, starting with a resident sub-species and a winter visitor – both of which are stocky, characteristic birds and much sought after by resident and visiting birdwatchers alike. One can be easy to see and the other is a shyhe said in a statement., optimistic bird.

The resident finches here include the Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Linnet, Goldfinch, Serin and Crossbill, with winter visitors including the Siskin and HawfinchWe are continuously appealing to people to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. But due t. Rare vagrants have included Bullfinch, Redpoll, Scarlet Rosefinch, Citril Finch, Trumpeter Finch and Yellowhammer. Trumpeter Finch I found at the Albufera from the Watkinson Hide in 2003 which at the time was a lifer for me, and Yellowhammer I have recorded on several occasionshas always been willing to help its fellow Canadians,, with the last being in the grounds of the Fergus hotel in Puerto Pollensa (formally the Pollensa Park Hotel).

The Common Crossbill – Loxia curvirostraThe variant was first identified i, is commonly known by the name of Trencanpynions – or ‘pine nut cracker’, which is the Catalan name for this species, and here we see the sub-species Balearica. Anywhere where there are good covering of Pine will see Crossbills – the Pine woods near Es Trenc in the south for example, or the Pine woods around Alcudia and one of my favourite spots to see them, parking by the km 11 marker post at Cases Velles (on the Formentor road).

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