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Theft of cables paralyzed the communication of 300 users. Seven people in the construction team were all planted

original title: the construction team stole cables and paralyzed the communication of 300 users

Wuhan Evening News, March 27 (Xia Yi, correspondent tangshijie, Xiao Jiru) the cable construction team stole underground communication cables to sell them at a low price, which paralyzed the communication of 300 users. On the 27th, Jiang'an police reported that seven suspect were captured and the stolen cables were recovered

on the morning of the 20th, the Yongqing Street police station of the Jiang'an District branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau received an alarm from a company, saying that about 100 meters of cables were stolen and cut near a community on Yanjiang Avenue, and about 300 users nearby were paralyzed in communication

the police receiving the alarm found at the scene that the communication cable with a diameter of about 4 cm under the well cover was cut neatly, and the incision was very flat, with a total length of about 100 meters. The police concluded that the perpetrator had professional cutting equipment

according to the information provided by the victim company, the communication of 300 nearby users was suddenly interrupted at 19:00 on March 19. Then the company sent maintenance personnel and found that the communication cable with a length of more than 100 meters from the Huangpu intersection of Yanjiang avenue to the front of the community was stolen

according to the analysis of the police, it is highly possible that the police can drag more than 100 meters of cable from the underground in a short time, which is a gang crime and has professional engineering equipment. Subsequently, according to the information provided by the alarm person, the police checked the monitoring data of the surrounding cities during this period and found that at about 7 p.m. on March 19, a group of construction teams wearing construction overalls and driving engineering vehicles were working in the section of the road where the incident occurred, and a cable was pulled out from the underground and cut, and then the cut cable was loaded on the engineering vehicle and towed away. The operation time and content of the construction team are completely consistent with the description of the alarm person, and the time period of the incident only has a considerable professional scope. The construction team operates here, and the police judge that the construction team is suspected of committing a major crime

the police determined the license plate number of the construction vehicle of the construction team through video tracking, and then found the information of the construction party's personnel. Through video tracking of the project vehicles, it was found that the criminal gang was located near simietang, Wuchang

on March 22, 1 brought confidence to the extruder enterprises. At about 4 o'clock, the police investigated and visited near simietang and found that the suspected vehicle was parked at the door of a residential area. After crouching for 30 minutes, the driver appeared. The people's formlabs police followed him all the way into a residential building, and soon arrested Liu, the boss of the construction team, and the driver of the engineering vehicle. At the same time, they seized more than 70 meters of cable that had not been sold

after on-site interrogation, suspect Liu (male, 26 years old, from Henan) quickly explained to other perpetrators, and cooperated with the police to capture the other five accomplices

not only caused the reduction of agricultural production, after investigation, Liu is the boss of the construction team, and other perpetrators are their relatives and fellow villagers. Liu explained that his construction team was mainly responsible for the maintenance of communication lines at ordinary times and was familiar with the situation of communication cables in Wuhan. At about 7:00 p.m. on the 19th, the construction team and a group of seven people in overalls stole a 60 meter long communication cable with a model of 200P under the wellhead near Huangpu Road, Yanjiang Avenue, and another 10 meter long communication cable with a model of 300p in front of the door of the nearby community. Then they quickly absconded and hid the stolen communication cable, ready to take it to the waste market to strip copper wires for sale. Unexpectedly, they were caught before selling the stolen goods

at present, all the seven suspect have confessed the facts of the crime and have been criminally detained by the Jiang'an police according to law, and the case is still under further review

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