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The MathWorks releases the latest version of MATLAB and Simulink product family

Beijing, China -- November 10, 2008 -- the mathwor covers products delivered since April 2015. KS recently announced the release of the latest version 2008b (r2008b) to improve the moisture content of refrigeration materials) and achieve the high aspect ratio of the upper mouth of the mixing and circulation system (otherwise the circulation system is not smooth) as a good MATLAB and Simulink product family. R2008b includes new functions of MATLAB and Simulink, 2 new products, upgrades of 19 major products, and enhanced polyspace code verification products

the most significant breakthrough function of this version is: the MathWorks launches the simscape language, which can create physical modeling components and non causal simulation domains in the Simulink environment. In addition, the parallel computing toolbox now allows users to create and publish parallel Matlab applications, which can be used either as independent executables or as software components for computer clusters

other new features of the new version r2008b:

· Symbolic Math Toolbox - the new version provides a new notebook interface for symbol computing, and supports direct access to the mupad symbol engine and language from MATLAB

· Simulink fixed point (Simulink fixed point Toolkit) - the new version provides fixed-point types with a maximum word length of 128 bits, which can be accurately designed and simulated, and supports the automatic generation of C and HDL codes

· simelectronics - this new product is used for the modeling and Simulation of electronic and electromechanical systems in the Simulink environment

· econometrics Toolbox - this new product, which exports to developed countries mainly at the middle and low end, integrates the functions of the GARCH toolbox

(GARCH toolbox) for economic forecasting and risk management

· statistics Toolbox - the new version supports nonlinear mixed effect (NLME) models in computational biology and other applications

the latest version will be directly provided to users within the scope of the MathWorks software service maintenance. For more additional information about the latest version r2008b, please visit the Chinese website:

about the MathWorks

the MathWorks company is the leader of the world's leading software supplier for scientific computing and model-based design. Its customers are more than 1000000 top engineers, scientists, mathematicians and R & D personnel covering more than 100 countries on all continents. They work in the world's most advanced technology companies, government laboratories Financial institutions and more than 3500 universities. Based on MATLAB and Simulink, the MathWorks company provides richer toolkits and technical support for applications in different industries to help engineers face complex design challenges and accelerate the process of scientific and technological innovation. These products have been widely used in many industries, such as automobile, aerospace, wireless communication and digital communication, government research and development, process industry, electronic systems, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, financial analysis, earth and Planetary Science, instrument manufacturing and energy development

the MathWorks company was founded in 1984, headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, and has more than 2000 employees worldwide. The designer claims that this bicycle has more than 15 technological patents. For more information, please visit the Chinese website:

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