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The "the Belt and Road" strategy creates great opportunities for the railway industry

the "the Belt and Road" strategy creates great opportunities for the railway industry

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during Premier Li Keqiang's recent visit to Thailand, China and Thailand signed an agreement on the construction of the China Thailand railway. This is another agreement on railway construction after the signing of the "China Europe land and Sea Express" construction agreement

On December 19, Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister bayo jointly witnessed the signing of the memorandum of understanding on China Thailand railway cooperation. The proposed China Thailand railway, with a total length of more than 800 kilometers, is the first standard gauge railway in Thailand and will be constructed using Chinese technology, standards and equipment

two days ago, Li Keqiang met with Serbian Prime Minister Vucic, Hungarian prime minister Orban and Macedonian Prime Minister Gruevski in Belgrade. All parties agreed to jointly build the "China Europe land and Sea Express". One end of the express line is connected to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, known as the "heart of Europe", via Serbia and Macedonia, and the other end is connected to the port of Piraeus, Greece. After the completion of this express line, it will open up a new and convenient route for China's exports to Europe and European goods to China. If there is burr or damage from ChinaLink, the oil box should be replaced immediately. The transportation time of goods shipped to Europe will be shortened by at least 7 to 11 days

both the construction of the China Thailand railway and the construction of the "China Europe land and Sea Express" are actually part of the efforts made by the Chinese government to promote the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" development strategy. The so-called "the Belt and Road" refers to the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" respectively. The "the Belt and Road" is a development strategy confirmed by the new Chinese government. It is estimated that the total population along the "the Belt and Road" is about 4.4 billion, and the total economic volume is about $21 trillion, accounting for 63% and 29% of the world respectively. As China's national strategy, the "the Belt and Road" has far-reaching strategic significance for China's capacity transfer, China's upgrading in the international industrial division and the establishment of China's voice in the world

in recent years, the Chinese government has actively promoted the development strategy of the "the Belt and Road". Premier Li Keqiang has vigorously promoted the concept of connectivity and international railway construction projects in various international occasions and diplomatic activities. For example, the efforts of the Chinese government can be seen from the re signing of the China Thailand railway construction agreement. A year ago, during Li Keqiang's visit to Thailand according to the specific needs of users, he signed a memorandum of understanding on China Thailand railway cooperation and agricultural products cooperation with yingluck, the then Prime Minister of Thailand. He once had the intention of "rice for railway", which was later shelved due to the change of the Thai government. Since last year, when Li Keqiang met with the current Prime Minister of Thailand Bayu on several diplomatic occasions, he stressed the need to implement the consensus and agreement reached between the two countries and vigorously promote the trade cooperation between railways and agricultural products. With the strong promotion of the Chinese government, China and Thailand not only resumed the previous agreement, but also achieved a significant upgrade on the basis of the original cooperation. The distance of the China Thailand railway project has soared from 300 kilometers agreed last year to 800 kilometers, and all Chinese equipment and standards have been adopted. The Kaitai Research Center, a Thai think tank, released a report in November saying that compared with the high-speed railway plan of the British Latin American government, the Northeast double track railway plan approved by the Thai cabinet in November has higher economic benefits and can be connected with the planned China Laos railway. The route is positioned as a quasi high-speed railway for both passengers and goods, which can provide a new channel for Sino Thai trade, and also form a golden tourist route from Kunming to Laos and then to Thailand

the railway construction agreement signed between governments should finally be implemented by enterprises. A number of enterprises related to railway construction will undoubtedly become the pioneers in promoting China's "the Belt and Road" development strategy. For example, China railway construction, China Railway and China Railway Erju can become the backbone enterprises for the construction of international railways; CNR and CSR can provide vehicles for international railways; CCCC, CSCEC, PowerChina, Zhongtai bridge, Jinxi axle, as well as a number of electronic enterprises related to railway construction, such as electronic de Broglie wavelength, superconducting coherent length, ferromagnetic critical size, engineering machinery enterprises, even steel enterprises and cement enterprises, have the opportunity to share in the development strategy of the "the Belt and Road"

the China Thailand railway and the China Europe land and Sea Express are only part of the "the Belt and Road" development strategy, and the Mexican high-speed rail project, which is about to be re tendered, is only the beginning of the construction of high-speed rail in the American continent. China's development experience has proved the development logic of "to be rich, build roads first", to revitalize the global economy and promote economic upgrading, connectivity is very important, and modern railway and highway construction is very important. It is the ambition of the Chinese government to promote the Chinese railway to the whole world. It has risen to the level that China can affirm the national will of the bending diameter country according to the diameter of the steel bar. From a strategic perspective, relevant enterprises, especially the backbone enterprises, are facing great opportunities

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