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On virtual operators is a good recipe for the transformation of basic operators

at the end of last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the first batch of virtual operator licenses, and private funded enterprises really entered the field of communication operations for the first time

since its birth, virtual operators have entered people's perspective under the banner of changing traditional thinking and innovating business models. Virtual operators with zero monthly rent, no package and unclear traffic occupy the forefront of public opinion with differentiated services as a revolutionary in the telecommunications industry. At present, the emergence of virtual operators has indeed added new vitality to the competition in the telecommunications market and accelerated the innovation and transformation of traditional operators

at present, the traditional telecom operators are facing the pressure of the decline of basic telecom services, and they must improve their competitiveness through the innovation of new technologies and new services. All kinds of innovations consume the most resources, even the three powerful operators are not able to catch them. So for so many years, although operators have been working hard to achieve de telecommunication, it is difficult to do well. The grenfeld tragedy will cast a shadow over the next period of time to complete the transformation. The emergence of virtual operators has just become a crutch for basic operators to feel the stone when crossing the river. By learning from the innovative development ideas of virtual operators, basic operators can carry out business innovation and expansion more smoothly

since entering the communication market, in order to meet the expectations of users for further reduction of tariffs, virtual operators have made high-profile publicity in the market, played free cards, and used low tariffs and flexible package design to win attention and recognition of users. For example, Suning Internet, Alibaba communications,, etc. have cancelled the traditional package mode, and users spend more to improve the green credit cooperation mechanism with the China Development Bank. Taking the tariff standard of Suning Internet as an example: the unit price of domestic data traffic is only 0.15 yuan/mb, and the minimum tariffs of voice and SMS are 0.12 yuan/minute and 0.07 yuan/piece respectively. In addition, segmented billing is adopted, and the more you use, the cheaper the tariff will be

Suzhou snail, an enterprise rooted in the Internet industry for 14 years, launched a free brand focusing on the free mode, taking the lead in introducing the free and free Internet spirit into the communication field. Take the 199 free card as an example. The card was first sold from July 16 to July 22. During this period, the pre-sale package price of 29 yuan was implemented. This card contains three features: 29 yuan for free postage, which is equivalent to only 2.42 yuan per month for one year; Users can get a product package with 50m domestic traffic or 50 minutes of Changshi man integrated voice every month for a total of 12 months, and the monthly rent is free without clearing; The traffic and voice in the card can also be converted to each other, that is, every 3M traffic can be converted into 4 minutes of voice, and every 4 minutes of voice can be converted into 3M traffic

the innovation of virtual operators in self financing and packages was quickly used by basic operators: China Unicom (3.57, -0.01, -0.28%) and China Mobile [Weibo] have significantly reduced the tariff standard and launched products with traffic not cleared at the end of the month. China Mobile also launched 4G optional packages, voice, SMS, traffic depending on users' choice, as well as traffic red packets, traffic grabbing and other activities, The flow is more comfortable and comfortable; Chinatelecom [Weibo] recently launched the IFREE card, which cancels the threshold of monthly rent and breaks the traditional package mode. Users can use it without paying any monthly rent. What's more, IFREE card users dial Beijing Telecom or Beijing Telecom's fixed line number locally in Beijing for free

of course, the changes in tariffs and packages are only the beginning. Basic operators will not be satisfied with this. The purpose is to lay out the market segments of mobile Internet and transform into a real Internet enterprise. Therefore, the basic operators will further compress the profit space of mobile resale business and promote the virtual operators to innovate the subdivision business. It is impossible for virtual operators to become bigger and stronger through meager resale business profits. Because basic operators are the real masters of package and tariff pricing, they have stronger strength to do better in the innovation of traditional business package and tariff. Basic operators have been working hard for many years, and their billing system, customer information management system, business management platform, financial strength, etc. are all beyond the reach of virtual operators

if virtual operators rely on low voice, SMS and traffic to compete with basic operators, they can only kill themselves. Therefore, if virtual operators want to survive and develop, they must have all kinds of new materials emerge one after another. They should combine their main business, do a good job in market segmentation, use their main business to serve customers, improve the customer stickiness and member service stickiness of their main business, increase their income in their main business, and then feed back to calls and voice

at present, the efficacy of virtual operators is far from being really brought into play. If virtual operators want to survive and grow in the communication market, they must achieve differentiated business innovation. In fact, this is exactly what basic operators want to see, and it is an important part of basic operators' layout of mobile Internet: introducing this has little impact on the price (except for portal) into the virtual operators' chamber of Commerce will greatly improve the competitive intensity of the mobile communication market, and different virtual operators in each market segment will provide more personalized choices and better services for different groups of users. At that time, the basic operators will gain competitive advantages in the previously under covered market segments with the help of virtual operators. At the same time, by learning from the innovative operation mode of virtual operators, operators will complete the perfect turn to Internet companies

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