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Drill holes in eggs! Every inch shows the great craftsmanship of great countries

What precision and strength are needed to drill holes on eggs with only 0.3 mm, the drill speed is 2400 rpm, and the egg film does not break? For this reason, what experience has the operator experienced? Drilling on an egg with only 0.3 mm, the drill speed is 2400 rpm, and the egg film does not break. What is the accuracy and strength required for different standards? For this reason, what experience has the operator experienced

on the 7th, the 2017 national defense post and telecommunications industry workers' technological innovation achievement exhibition and innovation achievement negotiation conference, hosted by the China National Defense post and Telecommunications Union and the China National Defense post and telecommunications workers' Technology Association, opened at the China Millennium Monument in order to ensure a timely test of the final utilization program. In the big country craftsman exhibition area, the booth of Zhang Xinting, the key skill leader of China north west industry group and senior technician of fitter, was crowded, His unique skills of punching holes in eggs on display at the scene surprised the audience

Zhang Xinting's unique skill of drilling holes in the demo eggs

observation, the tool used by Zhang Xinting is an ordinary bench drill. On the three-layer drill frame on the workbench, all kinds of drill bits are arranged in order from fine to coarse. He picked up eggs, quail eggs and other props to drill holes one by one, and the carved eggs are like works of art against the light line

the egg body after drilling is like a work of art

Zhang Xinting introduced that 15 years ago, in order to tackle a certain product, a 0.8mm drill bit thinner than an embroidery needle was needed to drill on tungsten alloy materials. The fine drill bit broke slightly inadvertently during operation, and the strength was slightly different. He went up against the difficulty and had a whim. He began to try to use eggs to practice his hand feeling. He practiced hard for half a year. After using a few baskets of eggs, he finally achieved it. When we made that product, I was really excited. Recalling the past, Zhang Xinting is still excited

in this achievement exhibition, in addition to Zhang Xinting, many craftsmen from large countries who are familiar to the people were all present. Wearing overalls, they showed products, talked about crafts, and shared their experiences. They enjoyed it. The medals on their chest witnessed their silent dedication to their jobs, and the one handed welder Lu Renfeng was one of them

Lu Renfeng, the chief welder of China ordnance industry group, lost one hand in an accident. But with one hand, he overcame difficulties by holding the welding cap in his teeth and tying gloves with ropes. After continuous practice, he not only restored the welding level, but also became the leader of welding technology in the factory again

he wore white overalls to attend the meeting, and his thick gloves on his left hand covered up his painful past. During the interview, he didn't talk much. The welder is a deep type of work, and many of them can't be expressed in words. He said that many people only see lines and fish scale lines about welding. As for how to weld, how big the parameters are, and what the metallurgical conditions are, it is difficult to express in words

it is understood that heat is transferred from high-temperature objects to low-temperature objects. Lu Renfeng adapted to the post work within a few months after leaving the hospital after losing his left hand. As long as you are diligent and persistent, you can overcome difficulties, but this persistence is very difficult. It has been more than 20 years now, and my work has already returned to normal. There are always more ways than difficulties. A bloody man is never afraid of difficulties

then, he talked about life choices from his working attitude and national development from his personal experience. In his opinion, it's good to experience the ups and downs of real life, and it's also a kind of experience for himself. Our country is developing day by day. With the development of science and technology, the intelligence of work and life is increasing, but the welding robot is slower because of its different complexity

in the craftsman exhibition area of large countries, women workers and craftsmen in plain clothes told everyone about the purpose and original intention of their own design of grinding tools. Their seemingly tedious and boring work showed different charm through their explanations

Han Liping showed off the hook anti release device, which once required two people to complete the work. With this device, one person can complete the work.

Han Liping, a female model in the aerospace production line, has devoted herself to the research of numerical control processing technology for 26 years, and has grown from an ordinary female worker to a compound high skilled talent proficient in digital control technology, programming and operation. She has successfully completed the Fifth Five Year Plan of the Shenzhou spacecraft lunar exploration project Research and production tasks of Changqi and national key models

for a complex part, we need to program in the software. After inputting the parameters, whether the simulation attempt is correct and feasible. She said that large components are very expensive. It is understood that for aerospace products, the time has been set for the launch of the rocket. If the components are scrapped or have problems, all efforts will be in vain. We can't afford to delay the production cycle, which requires us to process safely

it is understood that Han Liping was the only lesbian among more than 70 contestants in a group competition, but she finally won the first prize. Female comrades have the characteristics of female comrades. They are meticulous, resilient and patient. The work process is boring and requires a lot of effort. Sometimes it takes us several months to study the parameters of a part, but it will be different once the material and machine tool are changed, so I think lesbians still have advantages

in the interview, about the future, many craftsmen in large countries said that they would do their own work in their respective positions and strive to make every part on their hands into a fine product, which is also the goal of being a craftsman. In addition, they should also take good apprentices, become an example of the post-90s and post-00s, strive to bring out more excellent and highly skilled talents, and cultivate more craftsmen from large countries for national defense construction

it is reported that this exhibition will last until December 9. During this period, the national defense post and telecommunications workers' Technical Association station and official account will carry out online exhibition of the exhibition through webcast and VR technology

drill holes in eggs! The outstanding craftsmanship of great countries is displayed in every inch. It is organized and released by electromechanical equipment. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the article. For more industry information, please click attention: electromechanical industry

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