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The annual sales of the Belt and Road - Sany India is nearly 1billion yuan, and the radiation effect of "made in India" is increasing.

the annual sales of the Belt and Road - Sany India is nearly 1billion yuan, and the radiation effect of "made in India" is increasing.

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Indian Prime Minister modi met with Liang Wengen

as the most important part of the "Bangladesh China India Myanmar economic corridor", India is the first choice for Chinese enterprises to expand overseas markets. Since entering the Indian market in 2002, Sany has been working on the hydraulic oil market for 16 years and has opened up the situation. Data show that in 2016, the sales of Sany India reached nearly 1billion yuan. In the first quarter of this year, the sales volume was nearly 400million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 90%. At the same time, "made in India" has comprehensively penetrated into the surrounding five countries

take India as the axis and radiate the five surrounding countries

excavators made by SANY India

after docking with the "the Belt and Road", Sany India's effect has been continuously amplified, and its business mode and localization strategy have deeply radiated to the five surrounding countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives

starting from zero, Sany India has developed from more than 40 equipment when it first entered Bangladesh, with a new machine share of less than 5%, to 400 now, and the new machine market share remains the first

Maldives is a newly developed international market of Sany India. In recent years, Sany India has provided Maldives with high-quality sales, services and accessories support. Through the successful implementation of many projects, Sany India has been fully recognized in the Maldives market. So far, more than 100 Sany equipment have participated in the construction of Maldives' airports, roads, bridges and ports

relying on its regional advantages and its own strength, Sany's technology, experience and advantageous production capacity are perfectly combined with "made in India". Sany India's tentacles also extend to the Middle East, and a series of materials that are non spray and can replace electroplating were introduced at Chinaplas in Guangzhou in 2015. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries, and the situation is gratifying

sincerely help and expand the overseas "circle of friends"

Sany India industrial park

at the end of April this year, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, became the "President of help" and participated in the opening of the new store of om hydraulic, an agent of Sany Pune, India, to learn more about its market and help

the president visited the store to "help", which deeply shocked Vijay salunkhe, the boss of the company. On the day the store opened, I never thought that Xiang president would come. It was really a big surprise. " Speaking of this, Vijay salunkhe couldn't restrain his excitement and joy

this is an epitome of Sany India's dedication to helping agents

Sany India has formulated three "iron regulations" on how to serve agents: first, be highly responsible for products and ensure that all products provided to agents are high-quality products; 2、 Provide customers with digital after-sales service commitments; 3、 Carry out regular training in sales and kimono

vijay salunkhe joined Sany in 2013. His company has grown into the largest agent of Sany in India and was rated as the best agent of Sany in 2016. From January to March this year, the company sold more than 100 Sany excavators, accounting for 19% of the local market share. Nowadays, in India, many agents such as om hydraulic have been following in the footsteps of Sany, which has built 30 agents covering the whole territory of India

"these agents are distributed in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. They are closer to the market and customers, and they are the backbone to promote our leapfrog development." Debak, CEO of Sany India, firmly believes that by making good use of these resources, Sany will go further and further in the future

the pioneer of the "localization" road

Sany India's first crawler cranes are offline

"it can be said that Sany India has always adhered to product localization and talent localization, which is the cornerstone to help Sany India win the market and stride overseas." On April 30, Kulkarni, a famous Indian social activist and chairman of the Indian observer Research Foundation (Mumbai), highly affirmed the localization achievements of Sany India during his research in Sany India, calling it a pioneer in the "localization" of Chinese enterprises going to sea

Sany's localized production in India can be traced back to 2010, when Sany's first overseas factory was put into operation, opening a one-stop localization development path of investment, design, production, sales and service in India. In recent years, Sany India has made significant progress in the localization of excavators, truck cranes, and pumping products. On April 28, the 4000th equipment produced by SANY India was offline in Pune Industrial Park

at the selection conference held in Chennai, India on May 18, Pune Sany India Pte Ltd won the quality award for the first time. The award ceremony, organized by the times of India, is dedicated to truly selecting the "best manufacturing in India", which is equivalent to the "Oscar" award in the Indian manufacturing industry

talent localization is also the top priority of India's development strategy because the two sides of the crack sometimes open and sometimes close due to Sany alternating stress. At present, the cutting of Sany India and the other two samples requires strict control over CEOs, first-class departments and front-line employees, most of whom are local talents, accounting for as much as 96%

"make in India, for India and global. in the future, we will carry more friendship, create greater value and witness better development." Zhu Dacheng, executive director of Sany India, said frankly that the all-round docking of the "the Belt and Road" has put Sany India in the best opportunity period. Sany India will also actively integrate into new projects such as wind power and housing industrialization, and strive to build Sany India into a beautiful business card on the "the Belt and Road"

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