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The three giants of the Belt and Road infrastructure priority construction machinery revitalize overseas

the three giants of the Belt and Road infrastructure priority construction machinery revitalize overseas and are expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 520000 tons of high-performance new materials

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on March 28, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of Commerce jointly released the vision and action to promote the joint construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, This will bring important new opportunities to domestic construction machinery enterprises that are hovering at a low level

in the "the Belt and Road" plan, infrastructure interconnection is the priority area of the planning and construction: "on the basis of respecting the sovereignty and security concerns of relevant countries, countries along the line should strengthen the docking of infrastructure construction planning and technical standard system, jointly promote the construction of international backbone channels, and gradually form an infrastructure network connecting Asian subregions and between Asia, Europe and Africa."

insiders said that the above plan jointly issued by the three ministries and commissions, the "the Belt and Road" road map requires promoting the construction of international backbone channels, ports, ports, aviation, cross-border power and transmission channels, cross-border optical cables and other infrastructure, and such companies are the first to benefit

some analysts also said that for Chinese construction machinery enterprises with early international layout, the above national strategy is good for the medium and long term. "China will give priority to the deployment of railway and road projects with neighboring countries, which will drive the export of construction machinery."

in addition, due to the cooperation of multi-level financial institutions such as the Asian investment bank, the Silk Road Fund, the BRICs bank, local and foreign currency bonds, it will also bring important capital guarantee for the financing sources of future project construction. This will be of great benefit to the collective "going to sea" of Chinese machinery enterprises

at present, the three major domestic machinery companies have production bases and branches overseas, and their respective overseas business experience can also help the implementation of the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road"

Zoomlion also has many years of accumulation overseas. The enterprise has its own sales and service platforms in nearly 80 countries. Last year, it also completed the merger and acquisition of German m-TEC company, Netherlands raxtar construction elevator technology and Chery heavy industry, and established an Indonesian subsidiary and finance company

Zhang Jianguo, senior president of the company, said that for the "the Belt and Road", many regions do have opportunities, such as Indonesia, Turkey, etc., but overseas projects should be "a little makes a lot", and enterprises can focus on key regions. "The current industrial capacity in China is a little overcapacity, especially the construction capacity is large. The 'the Belt and Road' can release the capacity of the whole China."

another Zoomlion management said that at present, Zoomlion has not established a special business department, which will depend on the progress of the project, and there will be more layout in the future. In the first half of 2014, Zoomlion's domestic and overseas revenues were 12.4 billion and 1.39 billion yuan, respectively, accounting for 88.5% and 9.94%, and its gross profit margin was 30.23% and 18.27%. Zhang Jianguo also said: "in terms of finance, its solution: not only does the country have better policy support, but our own financial companies can also do lending, financial leasing and bond issuance, which will be beneficial to the company to build a complete industrial chain."

XCMG machinery, another large domestic machinery enterprise, currently has its own parts producing areas in the Netherlands and Germany, and has host manufacturers in Poland and Iran. Bases in India and Brazil are under planning. In addition, its base in Urumqi is also in line with the strategic layout of the "the Belt and Road". XCMG also has SKD assembly plants in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in Central Asia. Its 51 first-class dealers and 135 service networks can prepare for expanding the international market. However, due to the overseas economic slowdown and other reasons, XCMG's overseas revenue decreased from 22% of the peak in 2012 to 13% in the middle of 2014, but the overseas gross profit margin was higher than the domestic market gross profit margin of 20.12%

Sany Heavy Industry also has the advantage of overseas attack. At present, the company has four manufacturing and R & D bases in India, the United States and six sales regions in Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. The overseas regions have achieved breakeven. However, UBS reported that Sany's overseas gross profit margin is also less than that of domestic gross profit margin. On the one hand, the scale of Rockwell hardness tester measurement parameters of haiji'nan testing machine factory is small. In addition, the supply chain has not been completely completed, and the cost is high. In the future, with the increase of production, its gross profit margin will gradually rise

under the dual advantages of national policies and domestic construction machinery cost performance, the overseas market will drive a new round of growth of construction machinery. It is expected that the export volume will increase from the current US $19billion to US $54billion in 2020, and the industry revenue driven by export will also increase to US $105billion. The proportion of overseas exports will account for 50% of the proportion of the whole industry in five years, far exceeding the current 28%

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