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RISC solution of fingerprint attendance management system

fingerprint attendance management system is the latest generation of personnel attendance system developed by using the uniqueness and exclusivity of human fingerprint. It overcomes the shortcomings and defects of the traditional clock, magnetic card, IC card and other attendance methods, such as punching on behalf of others, card loss and so on. It most effectively eliminates the human factors in attendance management, fully reflects the fairness of attendance management, and avoids unnecessary personnel disputes. Providing scientific and reliable attendance management means for enterprise management is a necessary technical means for an enterprise to reflect its modern management level, save human resources and improve efficiency. The screen prompts you to enter the experiment number and eliminate loopholes. Its anti-counterfeiting "report" points out that the characteristics of sex, one-time cost and low overall cost are increasingly recognized by users

but at present, the hardware platform of most fingerprint attendance management systems is x86 architecture, which has the characteristics of high performance, high cost and high power consumption. In view of the above problems, jizhida industrial control has launched RISC solution, which greatly reduces the power consumption and cost under the condition that the performance fully meets the needs of users. Due to the customized development for users, the interface is very compact and the size is small

Fang (1). The prices continued in previous years include the downturn of filling and reinforcing materials, which led to the withdrawal of some vanadium enterprises from the production field. Advantages:

compact structure, easy installation and maintenance

low power consumption, CPU without fan

provide oem/odm services

products used in this scheme:

arm9 motherboard, 2.5-inch size




3 serial port

USB one master and one slave

100m card

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