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Nalco plan to solve the shortage of fiber raw materials

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elegant, modest, wise and rigorous, which is the first impression left by general manager Han Jiangwen. Mr. Han graduated from Tianjin University in 1995, majoring in welding engineering, and then studied for the MB master's degree of Peking University; He has successively worked in GE Medical, Agilent

technologies, Tyco fluid control, Pentair valves

controls and other companies. He joined the Nalco paper business department of Yikang group in December 2017. Mr. Han's experience in many industries makes him have unique views on Nalco's paper business and services. Under his leadership, Nalco's China team has developed rapidly and is going deep into the Chinese market, fulfilling the mission of Nalco's ecological guardian

it's impossible to say from which precise time point, "paper" appears less and less frequently in daily life: once I had to borrow a few books from the school library in winter and summer vacation to take home to read, now as long as a Kindle can meet the reading needs of any place; Once I counted the days every month to buy my favorite magazines at the newsstands. Now it is difficult to find the newsstands, and even the newspapers and magazines I used to read have stopped publishing

"paper" gradually disappears in life, but it appears in other ways in life: express delivery has become an indispensable part of our "shopping Carnival" such as the "double 11", and home and office have become "the ocean of express boxes"; With the improvement of quality of life, the variety and quantity of kitchen paper, wettable tissue paper, facial tissue paper and other household paper have also increased significantly. Paper is in and out of public life, and the Chinese paper industry behind it is also experiencing ups and downs

the paper industry recovered, and there was a shortage of main raw materials

in 2010, China's paper industry entered a trough. The situation began to improve in 2016, and finally the market began to explode in 2017. The annual report issued by China Paper Association shows that with the sharp decline in the printing volume of newspapers and magazines in, the annual consumption of paper in China fell from 4.61 million tons in 2009 to 2.37 million tons in 2018; With the development of China's express delivery industry and retail industry, the annual consumption of packaging paper, box board paper and corrugated base paper increased from 5.87 million tons, 18.09 million tons and 17.58 million tons in 2009 to 7.01 million tons, 23.45 million tons and 22.13 million tons in 2018 respectively; Meanwhile, with the improvement of living standards, the annual consumption of household paper increased from 5.29 million tons in 2009 to 9.01 million tons in 2018

the recovery of the market ushered in a new round of growth points, but at this time, the whole industry is also facing huge problems - tight supply of fiber raw materials, as well as the resulting high production costs. At present, the raw materials used in China's paper industry are mainly plant fiber raw materials and mineral fillers represented by calcium carbonate. The cost of fiber raw materials accounts for 60% to 70% of the cost structure of the paper industry. Therefore, saving fiber raw materials will have a great impact on the cost of paper. The general practice of the industry is to replace some fibers with low-cost fillers to reduce the total production cost. Although the addition of fillers can effectively reduce the production cost and improve the brightness, smoothness, ink absorption, softness and other properties of the paper, the "protagonist" of papermaking is the pulp made of plant fiber raw materials after all. The addition proportion of mineral fillers must be maintained within a certain range in order to avoid affecting the tensile strength, bursting strength, folding strength and other properties of the paper, and avoid harming the printing operation

therefore, paper-making enterprises urgently need a means to "transform" mineral fillers, so as to allow them to realize the expectation of using more fillers in the paper-making process, reducing the use of fiber raw materials, and reducing production costs without affecting product quality. At this time, the fillertektm technology of Yikang group seizes the opportunity to solve the market problems

turning stone into gold: small leverage leverages the big market

Nalco fillertektm technology is a papermaking filler treatment technology developed by Nalco China, Yikang group. It is an important part of Nalco's fiber substitution management solution. When the addition of customers' mineral fillers reaches the limit, the existing fillers in the paper mill are treated to improve the proportion of mineral fillers replacing fibers and break through the limit of fiber substitution. Fillertektm technology can integrate many factors that affect the chemical characteristics of the wet end. On the premise of maintaining the normal operation of the paper machine and maintaining the stability of the paper quality, it can improve the ash content, improve the fiber retention rate and dehydration performance, improve the speed and operation performance of the paper machine, so as to increase the filler consumption to replace the high cost. According to the Olympic grayle, Minister of culture, tourism and sports of Mongolia, fiber can be reduced and the fiber cost can be reduced, So as to reduce the total operating cost. To put it simply, it means that under the condition of not changing or even optimizing the quality of paper, some forest resources with high price and small reserves will be replaced by mineral resources with high cost performance and large reserves in nature

"among all the raw materials required for papermaking, pulp is the most influential part of the cost, accounting for about 60% of the total cost, while all the chemicals used in the whole papermaking process account for only 10% at most. The replacement of log fiber is a matter that technical people in the papermaking industry have been studying, and what technology can be used to make 10% of the chemicals pry 60% of the pulp cost, which is the problem Nalco considers." Han Jiangwen, vice president of Nalco paper business department, said. Nalco's idea is to use ore as filler to replace part of log fiber to help customers save costs. The essence of fillertektm technology is to help increase the use of calcium carbonate filler and save the raw materials and costs of papermaking fiber. At present, the application of 1 ton of fillertektm products in papermaking enterprises can save the fiber produced by nearly 2000 trees

according to Han Jiangwen, the fillertektm technology was developed by Nalco team ten years ago. In the past ten years, the team continued to analyze the success or failure of the past, and continued to develop in the direction of equipment automation, customer friendly interface, quality stabilization, etc. the evolution process of fillertektm technology is like drug research and development. The product volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the controllability is getting higher and higher. "At present, customers use the 3rd generation fillertektm technology. On this basis, Nalco has also studied how to expand the range of fillers used. For example, the 3rd.5th generation will be even different from the 4th generation in the future. We will not only further break through the barrier of fiber substitution rate, but also continue to explore the possibility of substitution of other materials, such as making a plastic or polymer material very small and directly replacing log fiber, which can be avoided Consumption of forest resources. " Han Jiangwen was also full of expectations when he introduced the future development direction of fillertektm technology

in recent years, with the development of China's paper industry, the price of raw wood pulp per ton has risen from more than 3000 to more than 6000 yuan, while calcium carbonate, a filler, only needs 500 yuan per ton. "Using 500 materials per ton to replace 6000 materials per ton, this' turning stone into gold 'technology can only be achieved by us." Referring to the economic benefits that Nalco brings to customers by using fillertektm technology, Han Jiangwen said

solve problems in an all-round way and continue to cope with new challenges

for China's paper industry, the higher the proportion of fillertektm, a "turning stone into gold" technology, can be added, the better. However, different manufacturers have different paper positioning, paper requirements, and how and how much products are added are different. Narco adheres to the consistent tradition of providing customers with all-round solutions, from the early field investigation, to customized solutions, and then to the later regular technical services to ensure that customers' problems are effectively solved

the team members of Nalco paper business department have on average more than 20 years of working experience in the paper industry, as well as years of production management experience in paper machine factories, or more than 10 years of application experience in paper chemicals, with both technical knowledge reserves and market foresight. With rich professional experience, team members provide customers with system diagnosis, design technical solutions according to the actual situation of diagnosis, provide automation equipment and provide professional training. In order to cope with the changes of raw materials in different periods of time and the changes of relevant laws and regulations, on-site service representatives will regularly detect the operation of the scheme after it is put into use, and make corresponding adjustments according to the on-site changes, so as to ensure that customers can really save raw materials and production costs

at the same time, as an expert in the field of industrial water treatment, Nalco can also provide innovative solutions in all-round water treatment, microbial control, sediment control, efficient cleaning technology, enhancement and filtration for the paper industry. Through these innovative technologies and solutions, narco helps customers solve water system problems and help customers achieve sustainable development goals such as water conservation, energy conservation, emission reduction and efficiency improvement

in addition to fillertektm technology, Nalco paper business department is also investing a lot of experimental funds every year to constantly explore new products and solutions. For example, in 2018, Nalco customized two innovative solutions, Nalco closed system management and Nalco fiber substitution management, to address the challenges faced by the recent development of China's paper enterprises, focusing on solving the shortage of fiber raw materials in paper enterprises, dealing with water restrictions in paper enterprises and the increasing closure of paper machine systems

prudent experimenters to loyal old customers

with professional services and excellent product strength, Nalco paper business department has provided product services and solutions for many large domestic paper enterprises, including many loyal users who have cooperated for many years. "But a new technology of 4.1 mixing needs a long way to be recognized by customers and the market", Han Jiangwen couldn't help sighing when he mentioned the process of fillertektm technology winning customers' trust

Han Jiangwen mentioned when sharing his product promotion experience that a large paper-making enterprise using fillertekt to click the "run" button M technology in the experimental window has always been famous for its strict quality control and cautious attitude towards new technologies. At the beginning of contacting fillertektm technology, he also conducted repeated tests to constantly observe the product use effect and market response

"the whole test process lasted for nearly half a year. After continuous on-line test, the final customer found that the dosage of slurry decreased significantly, and the operation efficiency also improved significantly. Finally, he recognized the effect of our product. After that, this customer became one of the loyal customers of fillertektm technology, and we also felt that the suffering for half a year was finally worth it."

some people also seek the help of Nalco only to solve the surface problems, understand the real problems under the test and repeated test proof of Nalco, and then select the customers of the corresponding products. When customers began to use fillertektm technology, they only selected part of the paper machines in the plant for operation. After finding that the material consumption and cost were significantly reduced, they continued to expand the scope of application of the technology. Because of the real value of the product, even in the industry downturn, this enterprise is also adhering to the use of fillertektm technology, which can really be called a "loyal fan" of fillertektm technology

reduce production costs and protect forest resources more

Nalco has been committed to helping customers reduce operating costs, improve product quality, increase profitability, and reduce resource consumption with innovative papermaking chemicals, leading process technology, and professional on-site services. The use of fillertektm technology can not only provide

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