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Nanchang launched the supervision and inspection of packaging measurement

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in order to further control the excessive packaging of commodities and strengthen the supervision and management of commodity packaging, the municipal market supervision bureau paid close attention to the moon cakes, alcoholic beverages (including Baijiu, red wine, yellow rice wine, etc.), tea, cosmetics, health food Whether there is excessive packaging in the processing of agricultural and sideline commodities, carry out special measurement supervision and inspection to check the safety and reliability of experimental equipment covering the production and circulation fields

the law enforcement personnel of the Metrology Department of the municipal market supervision bureau and the technical personnel of the inspection agency respectively investigated Nanchang Qiaofu Food Co., Ltd "Introduce the deposit return system, Lidu Liquor Co., Ltd., wangzhongwang Department Store Co., Ltd. and other enterprises and supermarkets to conduct random sampling inspection on the packaging of moon cakes, wine, tea and other products. In the supervision and inspection, the metrological personnel encourage and guide the production enterprises to equip the necessary equipment with perfect safety and stability to meet the ex factory inspection needs of commodity packaging. For acts in violation of the relevant national regulations on restricting excessive packaging of commodities, the Law and order rectification within a time limit

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