Nanchang University purchased a set of LCMS for 1.

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Nanchang University purchased a set of LC-MS

liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry connections for 1.9 million yuan, which can increase additional analytical ability and accurately identify and quantify trace compounds in complex sample matrices such as cell and tissue lysates, blood, plasma, urine and oral fluid. High performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry systems (absciex eksigent lc/ms and lc/ms/ms) have some unique advantages, including: the minimum sample preparation required for rapid analysis and circulation; High sensitivity combined with the ability to analyze multiple compounds, and even across the species of compounds; Identify and quantify target analytes with high accuracy and resolution

according to the requirements of the plan letter issued by the office of Jiangxi provincial government procurement leading group, Jiangxi Yinxin Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. was entrusted by Nanchang University to conduct public bidding for its required goods and related services, and purchase a set of high-performance liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, which is required to be imported, with a budget of 1.9 million yuan

high performance liquid chromatography triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, School of resources, environment and chemical engineering, Nanchang University

electronic public bidding announcement for equipment procurement project

I. project number: yx-

II. Brief description and main technical parameters of the bidding project:

III Interested suppliers must be the bidders who have registered in Jiangxi public resources transaction

(address: registered bidders; and the units that handle Jiangxi CA digital certificate and electronic signature; for specific requirements, see "Jiangxi provincial government procurement" (address:

IV. the deadline for bidding and the time of bid opening are 09:30 on February 5, 2016 (Beijing time)

v. the location of Ca digital certificate submission and the clamping force of bid opening will be reduced. The location is how to make up for the performance and price gap between long glass fiber and long carbon fiber products. The bid opening hall, No. 6, 4th floor, Jiangxi Nanchang public resources trading center (No. 1318, Fenghe Avenue, Honggutan, Nanchang City)

VI. name of procurement agency: Jiangxi Yinxin Engineering Cost Consulting Co., Ltd.

detailed address: room 1307, Hailin building, No. 495, Erqi South Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province



contact person: Xiong song

postal code: 330002

Jiangxi Yinxin engineering current cost consulting Co., Ltd.

January 13, 2016

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