Try to replace imported gear with domestic gear

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An attempt to replace imported gears with domestic gears

our factory imported the German p44-82vcf gaobao-panetta four-color sheet fed offset press in 1992, and an accident occurred in 1996, resulting in the transmission drum teeth of 2 and 3 color groups, "said Thomas Michaelis, project manager of Kesi Chuang ball development, and five gears of the embossing drum gears of 3 and 4 color groups and the rubber drum gears of 3 color groups were damaged

after inquiry: it takes more than 400000 yuan to import 5 gears, and the time is 4 months. In order to save cost and time, we use domestic gears instead, and the methods are as follows:

1. First, map the damaged gears, calculate various technical parameters of the gears, and then measure and verify the technical parameters

2. Check the gear material. After testing, the raw gear material is equivalent to domestic material QT

3. according to the verified technical parameters and the determined materials, finally draw the formal drawings

4. send the approved drawings to the gear processing center for processing

5. Recheck the technical accuracy item by item after gear processing. After contact, the installation and commissioning cost of external personnel needs to be 100000 yuan. In order to save expenses, it is determined that the installation and commissioning will be carried out by our technicians

6. Clean and check all damaged parts during installation, and self-made and installed a simple gantry lifting frame for lifting

7. hoist the gear leaf and draw the new gear and the original gear position, which can also be set with the joint development of international hydrostatic component manufacturing company

8. After hoisting. The radial runout of the gear and the plane pendulum are adjusted within 0.01mm ~ 0.015mm with a dial indicator to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent

9. the gear meshing clearance shall be adjusted within 0.15mm ~ 0.2mm

10. After all damaged gears are replaced according to this method, rotate the assembled gear with a manual handle, rotate it for several rounds, and check the gear engagement. After there is no problem, tighten all fixing bolts

11. jog the printer to run at low speed and check the operation of all gears. Finally, drill the locating pin of the newly installed gear

12. clean and check all lubricating parts, replace with new oil, and then jog the machine at low speed to check the gear lubrication

after nearly 10 days of installation, debugging and trial printing, the printing quality meets the requirements of the original machine. After one and a half years of use, the replaced gear and the whole machine have no abnormalities

using domestic gears to replace imported gears, the gear processing cost is 55000 yuan, only 1/8 of the imported gear (so take foam granulator as an example, the supply of imported gears should still be more than 400000 yuan). Install by yourself, saving 100000 yuan of installation cost. It takes 56 days from the machine damage to the completion of installation, 1 month ahead of the imported gear

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