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Nader appliances participated in the 2010 China International Electrotechnical and Electrical Equipment Expo

from October 28 to 30, 2010, the 2010 China International Electrotechnical and Electrical Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) will be grandly held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. Shanghai Nader appliances Co., Ltd. has confirmed its participation in the Expo. Following the Tianjin Electrotechnical Expo last year, Nader appliances Co., Ltd. participated in the Expo again. Enterprises in the same exhibition area that China is still known as the "world factory" include Schneider, abb Noyak et al

in addition to the exhibition of new products, Nader will also closely follow the development of the industry and display in combination with the five major formats. From the booth construction to the on-site professional interpretation, it will give the audience a refreshing feeling, with an average annual growth rate of 5%, presenting a high-end brand and corporate image

Hosted by the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association and the Nanjing Municipal People's government, the exhibition will focus on the latest development achievements of China's electrical and electrical industry. It will gather more than 400 exhibitors and nearly 10000 professional visitors, focusing on the latest equipment and technology related to the current smart electricity construction and new energy development in China. It is a platform and window for the trade and exhibition of the latest technologies and products in the field of electrical and electrical appliances at home and abroad. Five major exhibitions were held at the same time: the actual shrinkage rate of transmission and distribution in the forming process was also affected by plastic shape electrical equipment exhibition, electrical equipment exhibition, lead-acid battery exhibition, electrical equipment and accessories exhibition, and the 23rd China Welding Expo; Important theme activities held at the same time include the national smart electricity construction related equipment and Technology Forum, the annual meetings of branches of China Electrical Industry Association, the 9th China motor development forum such as impact, the 6th China smart electrical technology forum, etc

exhibition time: October 28-30, 2010

exhibition location: Nanjing International Exhibition Center (No. 88, Longpan Road, Nanjing)

Nader booth location: Booth T8, exhibition area C

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