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Ma Longfei of North Heavy Industry: the "nail household" in the workshop

MA Longfei of North Heavy Industry: the "nail household" in the workshop

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since entering the factory in 2009, Ma Longfei has always insisted on coming early and leaving late every day, and he doesn't rest on weekends and holidays. As long as the company has production tasks, he will "nail" himself on the site, "and he can't stop at all"

6 years ago, Ma Longfei graduated from university and was assigned to the production department of the mining and metallurgical equipment branch. Starting as a product dispatcher, he has experienced six years of baptism and polishing. The young man of that year has now grown into a department manager. Some people say that Ma Longfei has made rapid progress, but behind his rapid growth is unknown bitterness. In 2013, Ma Longfei married Li's wife in the United States and China, but he went to work normally on the second day of the wedding; In 2014, he was promoted to be a father. On the day after the baby was born, he shuttled around the workshop as usual. He has integrated his work into his life, and he has devoted all his energy to production. He said, "as long as someone goes to work, I must go to the workshop to have a look. If I see it with my own eyes, I will be secure."

"Ma Bu has been working with illness, never resting, and no matter at home", his colleague Lao Wu was very distressed when he looked at the sick Ma Longfei. Ma Longfei is used to such a busy life. He said, "I have to work hard. I have to be worthy of the enterprise." In recent years, he led the production department to undertake the economic operation, production organization, blank procurement, safety production, organization of waste heat power generation projects, etc. of the mining and metallurgical equipment branch, which has contributed outstanding strength to the continuous improvement of the company's indicators in recent years. At the same time, he continued to deepen and change the previous production organization mode, explored the project responsibility system in the production system of the mining and metallurgical equipment branch, and completed the transformation of the production organization, which made the company's production system run more smoothly, greatly improved the production efficiency, and became a benchmark unit for the group company to perform key project contracts. Since 2014, he has organized the pxf6089 cycle crusher and 388.5 square meter belt roaster produced by the mining and metallurgical equipment branch with the largest specifications and exported to Iran's kavishag iron mine, and the Laos project mqy6400*10000 ball mill and mzs9150*5000 semi autogenous mill. All the products were delivered according to the contract and won the praise of users

talking about his family, Ma Longfei's eye challenge cost is high, which affects the enterprise's choice. He said that he owes too much to his family. When I get home every day, my children basically sleep, and I can't accompany them on weekends. He also thanked his family for their understanding and support

at present, Ma Longfei has organized the production of 450 ㎡ sintering machine, 2400*5120 single tooth roller of Beijing baowurth trading company and two 10.05-meter shield machines of Sao Paulo project in Brazil in an orderly manner. He has not relaxed for a moment and will always see his busy figure in the workshop. For the future, Ma Longfei said that he should continue to shoulder his responsibilities, and continue to be responsible for products, enterprises and users

Ma Longfei is such a conscientious "nail household" in the production organization. He uses 7) dynamic loading system, which is suitable for the load of 0 ~ 100kN (the force value sensor should have the acceleration dynamic compensation of advanced predecessors); The pragmatic and enterprising working attitude shows the style of the Communist Party members and the style of the "post-80s generation". He is the transmitter of positive energy

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