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Carton nailing process and common failure analysis

in the production of corrugated ink "> cartons, no matter what equipment is used, the molding process of cartons can be roughly divided into ink"> printing, molding, jointing, packaging and other main processes. As the last production process of carton forming, the effect of carton nailing will directly affect the appearance quality and performance of cartons. From the perspective of production technology, although nail box is a relatively simple process, there are often some quality problems in daily production, which makes the carton become waste in the final process, causing great waste. Therefore, the technology and quality control of nail box process cannot be ignored. Only by paying attention to the careful control of equipment purchase, operation technology, material selection, etc., can we better avoid and reduce the occurrence of quality problems

Introduction to nailing methods and equipment

the forming combination of cartons mainly adopts two methods: nailing and bonding, which are used by the global cereal soft packaging industry to move forward slowly. In addition to the traditional single nailing machine to complete the combination of corrugated box forming, in recent years, with the increase of market demand, a variety of fully automatic and semi-automatic nailing machines are also emerging. The equipment style, model, structural performance, manufacturing accuracy and the effect of nail box are also different. Compared with the manual nail box machine, the full-automatic and semi-automatic nail box machine has high production efficiency, uniform nail distance and beautiful appearance. The difference between the full-automatic nailing machine and the semi-automatic nailing machine is that the corrugated cardboard is automatically fed. The paper feeding mechanism folds the cardboard and sends it to the nailing box for nailing, while the semi-automatic nailing machine folds the cardboard manually and sends it to the head nailing box, so the labor intensity is relatively large. Semi automatic carton nailing machine is generally of horizontal structure, which is divided into two types: one-piece and two-piece. Among them, one-piece carton nailing machine is only limited to cartons formed by order pieces. The two-piece carton nailing machine has complex structure and complete functions, which can order both one-piece cartons and two-piece formed cartons. When purchasing nail box machines, enterprises must consider the product structure, production characteristics and long-term development trend according to the actual situation of the factory. Generally speaking, high-speed automatic carton nailing machine should be selected for long-term products and cartons with relatively fixed specifications; For cartons with both single sheet and double sheet forming, semi-automatic double sheet nailing machines should be selected: if the factory has a large production scale and many varieties, several full-automatic and semi-automatic nailing machines of different models can be considered, so that they are more flexible and complementary in production scheduling and can better meet production requirements

quality control of nail box

selection of nail saw * a good way is to keep the position of the beam after the experimental machine is stretched to * strong force

nail box nail saw is divided into three basic forms: oblique nail, straight nail and horizontal nail. The structure includes single oblique nail, double oblique nail and reinforcing nail: single straight nail, double straight nail and reinforcing nail: single horizontal nail, double horizontal nail and reinforcing nail. According to the shape of the box nail arrangement, the structure of the head of the nail box equipment is divided into single oblique nail, double oblique nail, single straight nail, double straight nail, single horizontal nail and double horizontal nail. The inclined nail is a way in which the nail saw is arranged in an inclined 45 shape, the straight nail is arranged in a vertical structure, and the horizontal nail is arranged in a horizontal manner. Single nail refers to that several single nail saws are ordered at the overlapping tongue of the carton, double nails refers to several groups of two parallel nail saws, and reinforcing nails refers to the nail saws with a single nail between the two groups of double nails. Generally, double diagonal nails with their arrangement structure can better improve the bonding strength of corrugated boxes, which is widely used. Nail saws should be reasonably selected according to the use performance and characteristics of cartons, and its form is usually determined by the machine structure. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate nail box machine and nail saw according to the nail box process requirements to better meet the quality requirements. Generally, small cartons with 3 layers of single tiles only need to order several single nails to ensure the packaging strength of cartons. For medium and large cartons with 5 and 7 floors, several double nails can be ordered according to the characteristics of the contents, or a reinforcing nail can be added between the double nails. Taking saving materials and ensuring the strength of the nail box as the starting point, scientifically and reasonably determining the nail structure is the basic principle of the nail box process and technology control

the arrangement and control of box nails are not only related to the appearance quality of the carton products, but also directly affect the packaging performance of the carton. Therefore, the box nails should be firm, the nail feet should be neat and beautiful, and the nail saw should not have defects such as overlapping nails, warping nails, missing nails or obvious deflection of the nail feet. The determination of carton nailing saw is an important technical control link in production. The nailing machine with positioning mechanism can effectively ensure the accuracy of nail distance. According to the relevant standards of corrugated boxes, the nail distance must be arranged neatly, with uniform and accurate distance. Among them, the double nail distance is not more than 75mm, the single nail distance is not more than 55mm, the distance between the head and tail nails and the center line of the indentation is 13mm 7mm, and the nail saw must be completely nailed to the overlapping tongue. In addition to referring to the standards, the customer and ink "> carton factory can also jointly determine the appropriate nail saw according to the use characteristics of carton products, so as to meet the use requirements of products and the principle of saving labor and materials.

the use of flat wires

the nails for nail boxes are generally low carbon steel flat wires with copper or zinc plated on the surface, and the specifications are divided into 16 #, 18 # and 20 #. 20 # box nail flat wires are mainly used for the combination of corrugated ink"> cartons. The high-quality flat wire coating is uniform and bright, the wire is not bent, the material is soft, and has moderate rigidity and elasticity, the thickness and width are uniform, and there are no cracks, rust spots, peeling, bending or uneven thickness and other defects

the quality of flat wire mainly depends on the performance of raw materials and production process. If the wire rod of flat wire is unqualified, it is prone to quality faults such as coating falling off, unsmooth wire feeding, broken nails, poor nail saw forming specifications and so on. The specification of flat wire to be used should be determined according to the machine structure of the nail box machine, and attention should be paid to the selection of high-quality flat wire, which is the basis for improving the quality of the nail box and the service life of the equipment. Compared with iron flat wire, the hardness of copper plated flat wire is about 2 times smaller than the latter, which can better reduce the wear of machine head parts when used. The wire of flat wire is iron wire. Although there is a certain anti-oxidation and anti rust coating on the surface, it is easy to rust if it is not kept properly. Therefore, pay attention to sealing and moisture-proof storage of unused flat wires after unpacking. The warehouse for storing flat wires must be ventilated, dry, free of corrosive and oxidizing substances, and the flat wires should be placed on the base plate rather than directly on the ground. [next]

nail box production process


before nailing box, you should first receive the cardboard according to the production notice. When receiving, check whether the product name or number, cardboard specification and layout content are correct. The production quality of the previous process, such as the size and method of die cutting or pressing, the color difference of cardboard, printing color difference, warping, quantity, damage and other problems should also be checked. If the number of defective cardboard is large and the problem is serious, corresponding treatment should be made in time. It can also be used in film, toys, clothing, utensils, electronic manufacturing, etc. The cardboard can be transported to the machine only after it is checked to be correct. Collision should be avoided and stacked at the designated position during the transportation. Before operation, the label and quantity of the flat wire should also be checked, and whether the flat wire has rust, peeling, cracking and other defects

equipment adjustment

equipment adjustment should avoid blindness. Adjust the position of the main baffle, the left and right baffle and the position of the upper and lower nail heads according to the flap of the carton. Pay attention that the left and right baffle cannot be clamped too tightly, and ensure that the cardboard can be inserted and pulled out smoothly. After the mechanical adjustment is completed, set the touch screen computer: for example, the height of the carton = the height of the original carton -40mm, the number of carton nails, the distance between carton nails, whether to strengthen the setting of nails, and the selection of single and double pieces. After the above work is set, trial production can be carried out

if the paperboard is too thick, arrange personnel to properly thin the binding place so that the face paper will not be crushed when binding. The nailing shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the production notice. The box nails shall be nailed along the center line of the overlapping part, and the deviation shall not exceed 3mm. The nail spacing should be uniform, first and second. The distance between tail nails and upper and lower lines is 20mm, the distance between single nails is not more than 55mm, and the distance between double nails is not more than 75mm. It should be fixed firmly and thoroughly, and there should be no overlapping nails, missing nails, warping nails, broken nails, bent nails, no corners, etc. the two pieces of box blanks should be aligned, and there should be no scissors

after ordering, the box folded by the carton should be square. The difference between the two diagonals on the top surface of the carton with a comprehensive size less than or equal to 1000mm should not be greater than 3mm, the comprehensive deviation of the inner diameter of the single corrugated carton should be within 2mm, the double corrugated carton should be within 4mm, the difference between the two diagonals on the top surface of the carton with a comprehensive size greater than 1000mm should not be greater than 5mm, the comprehensive deviation of the inner diameter of the single corrugated carton should not be greater than 3mm, and the double corrugated carton should not be greater than 5mm. The hole diameter of the box corner shall not be greater than 4mm2, and there shall be no obvious wrap angle. The seam separation or lap of the outer swing cover shall not be greater than 2mm. The nail box shall not have inverted nails, and the two pieces of box blanks with inconsistent Yin and Yang surfaces, varieties and specifications shall not be wrongly bound together. The ordered cartons will be officially produced after passing the inspection, the relevant person in charge of the national development and Reform Commission said. At the beginning of the nail box, the servo motor feeds the paperboard, and the nail car motor drives the nail head to complete the nail box. The drive shaft driven by the nail head motor and equipped with clutch and brake drives the crank mechanism to realize the action of nail box under the action of clutch. When the first nail action is completed, the cardboard tailgate picks up the cardboard, and the crank mechanism acts in a step-by-step manner to drive the paper feeding roller to rotate. When the predetermined nail distance is reached, it stops, and the second nail action is carried out immediately. The key of the nail box machine is the quality of the nail car and the nail head, and product quality failures often occur here

common fault analysis

screw foot deflection or length error

when the flat wire quality is poor, the wire feeding resistance is large, the wire feeding wheel spring is too loose or too tight, the wire feeding wheel fixing screw is loose, the guide rail is offset, the gear bite is skewed, the position of the bottom die and punch of the stapler is incorrect, and the bottom die has obvious wear and tear, the above phenomena are easy to occur. High quality flat wire with good rigidity and smooth surface coating shall be used in production; Regularly check and adjust all parts of the wire feeding to avoid jamming due to poor adjustment: the bottom mold with serious wear should be repaired or replaced in time

failure of the stapling part

when there is a nail stuck in the stapling head, it is easy to affect the normal action of the clutch, so that it cannot be nailed. 'you can disassemble the side cover of the stapling head, take out the punch for cleaning and cleaning, add lubricating oil and reinstall it. If the positioning of the set head is not accurate, check whether F3 fuse (AC), F9 fuse (DC) and brake coil resistance wire (15) are normal

if the photoelectric induction switch of the upper stapling head baffle does not act and cannot sense the axis of the lower guide rail, it will cause the failure of nailing the paperboard before it is fed. If the photoelectric induction of the baffle is abnormal, it is also easy to cause the failure of not opening the paperboard after it is fed into the rear baffle. You can adjust the photoelectric induction device to keep the induction distance moderate; If the nail head has continuous nailing action, check whether the solid-state relay is damaged. When the photoelectric induction intensity of the right baffle counting is too strong, it is easy to make the left and right baffle paper feeding belts operate continuously after nailing. For this, you can adjust the I-shaped knob on the side of the electric eye. Clockwise adjustment can increase the induction intensity, counterclockwise adjustment can reduce the induction intensity, and adjust it to normal induction, so that there is no abnormal situation after nailing

cardboard conveying problem

when the left and right baffles are too tight, the resistance will increase

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