Tap the unlimited potential of printing and paperm

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Tap the infinite potential of printing and papermaking

as a pole company, it will inform authoritative and professional companies in advance. 6. Test accuracy: ± 1% or 0.5%; (according to the National Metrology report), one of the influential international printing art competitions, the 6th golden accumulated achievements optical printing art Grand Prix was officially launched recently and solicited excellent entries from the global printing industry. The event was organized by golden light group and supported by China Printing Technology Association, Hong Kong Printing Arts Association, Asia printing award and Thailand Printing Technology Association. All printed materials completed between August 21, 2011 and August 10, 2013 (more than 70% of the printed sheets are made of Jindong, Suzhou jinhuasheng, Hainan Jinhai, Ningbo Zhonghua and Ningbo Asia paper products under the golden light group) can participate in the competition (the deadline is August 10, 2013, subject to the postmark). After the collection and evaluation of works, the award ceremony will be held in Hangzhou in October this year. According to Huang Ze, the public relations director of jinhuasheng paper (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd., the golden light printing art Grand Prix aims to encourage global printing enterprises to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation and give full play to the unlimited potential of printing and papermaking technology by actively promoting the exchange of the latest printing technology and printing materials among global printing enterprises and the consumable material industry. At the same time, the parent company of jinhuasheng paper, Jinguang group, also hopes to use the international platform built by this printing contest to show the world that the progress of papermaking, a printing material, has promoted the development of the printing industry. The theme of this competition is "harmony with the world, printing the future". Participants and judges are invited to discuss the sustainable development of the printing industry. As a sustainable reading method, compared with digital reading, printed products are easy to read repeatedly, thus saving energy consumption; Its sustainability is not only reflected in the economy, environmental protection and low carbon of the printing technology itself, but also in the selection of sustainable main raw material paper. In addition, compared with digital reading, the reading experience of printed products is more comfortable, and humanized circulation and gifts are also conducive to enhancing cultural exchanges and care. Zhangweiqing, the head of Suzhou jinhuasheng paper trade union, introduced that 17 awards were set up in this golden light printing art Grand Prix to highlight the technical advantages and characteristics of different printing products in multiple dimensions. At the same time, each category also sets up several winning awards according to the number of entries in each category, so as to ensure that more excellent works can stand out. She hopes that Suzhou excellent enterprises related to printing, publishing and advertising design will come to participate in the event and jointly discuss the sustainable development of the printing industry through the exchange platform of the golden light printing art Grand Prix

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