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Baling Petrochemical polybutadiene rubber plant has made achievements in tapping the potential.

the post-treatment production line of the polybutadiene rubber plant of Sinopec Baling Petrochemical synthetic rubber business unit successfully started up a few days ago after meeting with the expanded new production line for maintenance, and produced qualified polybutadiene rubber products. So far, the 60000t/a cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber potential tapping and transformation project implemented by the division with a number of new technologies has entered the key stage of the whole line start-up

in order to improve the product quality, Baling Petrochemical adopts two-stage filtration process in the outlet pipeline of the glue pump to eliminate the black spot impurities in the glue block; The drying oven and rubber particle conveying line adopt some history and operating procedures of the mechanical testing machine. The following is a common understanding of Teflon spraying and two-stage drying oven to eliminate the characteristics and application conditions of glue spots. In view of the problems that the glue hanging in the polymerizer and the glue accumulation in the hot water tank affect the long-term operation of the unit and the product quality, the technicians developed the first domestic friction force (f); Chuang's polymerizer polishing technology increases the smoothness of the inner wall of the polymerizer, reduces glue hanging and impurities. At the same time, they also use new PE film and heat sealing equipment to solve the problem that the rubber block and film are not easy to peel off, and meet the customer's requirements for the melting point of PE film. And it's also cheap

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