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The standard household type of two bedrooms and two living rooms is very favored by many owners when they choose to buy a new house. Generally, the owners will start to prepare for decoration after they close the house. Decoration is a very brain burning thing for many people, but according to the statistics of the editor, the decoration of modern simple style is the best decoration effect in the hearts of many owners. It happens that the owners of Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo community are ready to close the house, Our decoration editor recommends a modern simple decoration effect drawing that is very suitable for the decoration of 89 square meters two bedroom and two living room apartment. Let's enjoy it together with the partners who are ready to decorate

[specific room type] Yuexiu Xinghui Junbo (click to enter the community group); 89 square meters; Two rooms and two halls

[design description] the house type of this case is two bedrooms and two living rooms. In order to be suitable for household decoration, the designer prefers to create a warm and comfortable overall sense in the overall decoration, especially in color and shape, using the bright colors preferred by modern young owners, making the overall decoration very artistic. Such a decoration is suitable for owners of different ages, The designer achieved an outstanding work with simple design ideas

[decoration company] Yezhifeng decoration

[space display]

I. living room

design focus: color contrast

on the whole, use the perfect combination of light and dark colors to achieve different degrees of beauty in the living room, giving a sense of comfort, and the setting of lights and colors will also not harm people's eyes

II. Master bedroom

design focus: warm and warm

the overall decoration of the master bedroom adopts the soft decoration of comfort up, giving people a warm visual effect

third, the second bedroom

design focus: casual childlike fun

the overall color of the second bedroom is lively and lively, especially in the overall decoration collocation, it gives people an infinite childlike effect

IV. restaurant

design focus: the pattern is simple

the overall space of the restaurant is not very large, so the overall color decoration and decoration are very simple, giving people a clean and tidy feeling

according to Xiaobian, after in-depth communication, the owner and the designer of Yezhifeng decoration decided on a modern simple style of decoration. The owner is relatively young and likes the stacking of various colors. Although it is a simple style of decoration, he hopes to be simple and different from the simple style, and hopes to use some fashion elements to better integrate the beauty of modern style into the decoration, so as to achieve a truly comfortable decoration effect

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