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1. The surface glaze of the sanitary ware is smooth, delicate, free of gravel bubbles, elegant and exquisite in shape, smooth and concise, and elegant in color, which matches the color of the bathroom wall and floor tiles. Choose a brand according to your own economic strength, which is compatible with the overall decoration level of the residence

2 in the three piece Sanitary Ware set, the washbasin and toilet are made of ceramic parts. The bathtub is made of acrylic, steel plate and cast iron, so we should pay attention to the color consistency between the three sets as much as possible. In addition, the colors of different brands are not necessarily the same (color number), so when mixing, we should be careful to choose the ones with similar colors as much as possible

3 acrylic is a new type of chemical material, and the bathtub made of acrylic plates for bathtubs should be selected. Acrylic bathtubs are light in texture, many in color and style, good in heat preservation performance and low in price, which have been quite popular at home and abroad; Relatively speaking, the steel bathtub has low cost and poor thermal insulation, and the possibility of deformation is determined by the thickness of the plate, but its service life is longer than that of acrylic, and there is no phenomenon that acrylic is easy to grind; Due to the high investment amount, many foreign brands mainly use entrusted processing and OEM production. In transportation and installation, due to the weight, it will bring great disadvantages, but compared with the above two materials, the surface is smooth, the density is fine, and the service life is longer; Synthetic marble is a newly developed green product, containing natural stone ingredients, bright, wear-resistant, impact resistant. The three piece Sanitary Ware set is all made of integrated materials, and the color will be very coordinated

4 the washbasin is matched with the water heating faucet. The single hole washbasin adopts the single hole faucet, and the three hole washbasin adopts the single handle double hole faucet or double handle faucet (foreign brands are also called separated three hole faucet). If the drainage pipe is on the wall, use P-bend; if the drainage pipe is on the ground, use S-bend

5 the distance from the center of the sewage pipe of the toilet to the wall is called the pit distance. The pit distance of the toilet should match the pit distance of the sewage pipe. Generally, the 400mm pit distance is used in the design of architectural buildings. At present, some buildings are designed by designers or overseas designers. When domestic designers do detailed design, the 305mm pit distance (American Standard) is used, and the European standard is about 210mm, With the emergence of a large number of European products in the Chinese market, the new concepts brought by people going abroad and the promotion of foreign brands in the market, residential houses have been equipped with concealed water tanks to match the use of toilets




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